About Us

Neighbourhood Magazine was started in late 2021 with the primary aim of hosting the ideas and work of young, creative people.

Starting initially as a project to keep our founder occupied in the months before she went travelling, Neighbourhood has grown into a wider community of artists, designers, writers and creatives who wish to share their own work and discover the work of others. Not only this, Neighbourhood is a space for discussion regarding topics prevalent in youth culture, and has housed pieces on sex education, sexual violence, race, abortion and feminism.

Neighbourhood also houses a Creative Database, which acts as a free space where creatives can showcase their work, background and contact details in order to connect, collaborate and be inspired.

We continue to strive to be as diverse and inclusive as possible, so if anybody has any issue they would like to write about or any work they would like to share please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope that Neighbourhood continues to grow and becomes a community that can be enjoyed and utilised by everyone. Thank you and welcome to the Neighbourhood.

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