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Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson

Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson
Based in Paris, France

Therapeutic Fashion. As a therapeutic fashion concept, ÄM-s is a modern fairy-tale creating a new reality of inner feelings, offering unique and organic designs inspired by the self-reflection and work of the designer.

ÄM-S is a shared story, a safe space of creation promoting self-love and inclusivity. The creation process encourages acceptance and sharing with an awareness of our modern living world.

Through softness, movement, and volume, Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson creates a complex yet comforting take on the link between body and mind. Each collection explores a different part of one’s mind, from conscious to unconscious, and serves as therapy- somewhere between Art and Fashion.

As a brand, Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson aims to promote ethical industry choices in all aspects: production, fabric choice, work force. Inclusivity and diversity are at the forefront of the ÄM-S policies, while always seeking new ways to be sustainable.
Aloïse graduated from Fashion Design Womenswear (BA) at the London College of Fashion in 2019, and first went to Art foundation at the Atelier de Sêvres, in Paris.

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