Based in Berlin/UK

My name is Christian A.K.A Antidote, I am a visual artist/designer currently living in Berlin.

I am a freelance designer and in my practice, I specialise in abstract typography and material creation. I experiment with the themes of deformation and the decomposition of structure and form, creating stills and animations for clients, exhibitions and myself.

Before moving to Berlin I was studying and living in Manchester, UK where I was exhibiting & putting on events alongside getting my degree in Graphic design from the Manchester School of Art.

Throughout my life as a creative I have found passion and taken inspiration from many places but the origins of my style and interest come predominantly from the Dance / Old-school Hip Hop music scenes as well as the world of graffiti.
Through collaboration and experimentation, I try to keep my work in a state of evolution while continuing with abstract themes developed in my earlier years of art and design.

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