Antonio Imedio

Antonio Imedio
Based in Bogotá

Antonio Imedio is an 18 year old Colombian contemporary artist that features colorful and otherworldly imagery of everyday life. Their work is based on digital and analog pictures taken in Bogotá Colombia. The paintings are windows made between these images, fragments of photographs; like a door that opens towards another reality, a collage of clippings from existence. Likewise, a relationship is created between the viewer and the decontextualized image, as if the paintings were part of a collective memory.
Imedio's art is based on poetry and texts among other inputs from being a young artist in a city like Bogotá. Their work is a collection of fixations, the latest project called “después de que se forma la grieta” or ”after the crack is formed” is a series of paintings and writings created during the year in which they reflect on the window, the crack and the body.

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