“I’ve always been a visual learner, observer, and thinker. I’m very attracted to the minute details that make up an image. For me, the magic in photography is the possibility to emote. To create new worlds and drive fantasy. I originally trained to be a professional dancer, so I’ve always been obsessed with storytelling through movement and imagery.

I believe that looking at an image can be a visceral experience. You ask yourself, who are these people? What is this space? What does it sound like? How does it make you feel? Almost like you could walk right out into the world.

The transition from being a performer into becoming a photographer & Art director has really driven my interest in working directly with Artists. Their minds run wildly and they’re ready to try anything and everything. Sometimes, the collaboration even becomes something of an improvised performance. That theatricality is definitely an evident element of my personal style. I’d like to create a form of escapism, bordering between photography and a work of art.”

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