Becky Brown

Becky Brown
Based in Greater London / London - available to travel

Becky Brown is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. After starting photography at the age of 12, she has gone on to have her works published in over 20 magazines, some including Malvie, Mob Journal, and Gmaro.
She has recently finished education after studying a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Photography, as well as Fashion Styling at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design.
Becky's approach to image-making is often unique and independent, working as a director, stylist, and sometimes MUA, as well as a photographer. "I want my art to be something that I can relate to, like its part of me"
Becky often collaborates with other artists, like fashion designers, to create meaningful art, using one of a kind designs.
"I want my images to be bold, tell a story, be different. There's no point taking photos if you're not making art".

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