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Carlos Román

Carlos Román
Based in Madrid, Spain

Hello! I'm Carlos Román, although I'm also known as Litos. Currently, I'm a fashion design student at the Escuela Superior de Diseño in Madrid, and I'm passionate about creating garments that reflect my worldview and my deepest concepts. Additionally, I have experience in fashion styling, which allows me to have a more complete vision of the fashion world and how I can express my creativity in different ways.
Every time I start a project, I immerse myself in my inner world to find the necessary inspiration and create a unique aesthetic that reflects my worldview. I love exploring different aesthetic scenarios and universes that connect with the public and allow them to feel and experience deep emotions.
For me, fashion is a form of art that allows me to explore my own being and express my worldview. Each project is an opportunity to grow not only as a designer but also as a person.
My goal is to create pieces that reflect my personality and my philosophy of life and that convey an authentic and powerful message to the world. In fashion, I find a path to spiritual exploration and connection with others, and that's why I dedicate myself to it with so much passion. Each garment I design is an expression of my creativity and my personal search, and I feel great satisfaction in seeing how my ideas materialize in the real world and reach others.
Thus, my commitment is to myself, my art, and my community. I strive to create something new and significant in each project and to inspire others to do the same. For me, fashion is more than just an industry or a trend game: it is a space for expression and transformation, and I am grateful to be able to explore it every day.

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