Chantelle Oliver

Chantelle Oliver
Based in Bristol

Chantelle Oliver(UK) is primarily a digital illustrator, but an artist across various mediums. Her inspiration stems from exposure to art, fashion and youth culture in the streets of Bristol. Influenced by the world around her, the movement of the physical body and the ways in which people choose to decorate themselves - jewellery, tattoos and clothing.

Strongly influenced by fashion, her artwork often features the digitalised styling of outfits, with pieces taken from her favourite collections. In her own words “A lot of myself is expressed through my art. Current obsessions, people I meet and settings I find myself in. Utilising photography, overlaying illustration onto 35mm film, allows me to create a scene built from locations I visit or places I particularly love. Exploring colour, tones and negative space to create a narrative or feeling around a simple caricature is a common theme throughout my artwork.”

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