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Daniela Noriega

Daniela Noriega
Based in London

“Hola! I'm Dani, I'm from Spain but currently living in London, and I'm studying Creative Direction for Fashion at LCF. I started in photography when I was 17, and I photographed my friends, family, my city (Madrid) and anything that exited me or inspired me really. When I got more into it, I started photographing my own shoots, that I styled as well. At some point I decided to focus just on the styling and creative direction, so now I do photography in more personal and intimate projects, as a way of express my inner thoughts and ideas photographing people I feel comfortable with.”

“Spooky Clown (from which the first image here is taken from) is a project that tries to reflect two things: an angry generation of young people tired of not being treated seriously and the use of self-mockery as a weapon. In other words: You don't take us seriously? We take it to the extreme.”

Dani also does Styling and Creative Direction. Please look at her website to find out more.

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