Elizabeth Bisuga

Elizabeth Bisuga
Based in London

Born in Ireland but grown in Manchester and now based in Lambeth,

Elizabeth Ireti Bisuga was inspired to take up photography in part by her grandmother who was a photographer in Nigeria, and also by a want to preserve memories. Story-telling is at the heart of Bisuga’s photography; ‘I’m a drama kid at heart so telling a story comes naturally to me. Once I’ve got my story, I go from there’. Bisuga focuses primarily on film photography as that is what has always been the most organic for her and her preservation.

My creative education has been through my own personal trial and error aha and most recently I was a student of a creative photography course led by Holly-Marie Cato and Eddie Otchere offered emerging Black and dual heritage photographers the opportunity to develop their skills, and prepare for careers in the creative industry, through responses to the content and themes of In the Black Fantastic.

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