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Ella Thompson

Ella Thompson
Based in Brighton

hey! I’m Ella and I’m a crochet designer living in Brighton.
I learnt how to crochet from a young age in school. I found it to be one of the only things in school that actually came naturally to me and turns out I wasn’t so bad.
I decided after the pandemic to make a go of it and start selling to my friends but word got around and I started selling it to more of a wider audience. My work got into an independent shop called Ensemble which is in the south laines in Brighton. I was included in a pop up shop along side Ilk & Ernie who create the most beautiful pieces. Go check them out! It’s a cool feeling to see your work in a shop and seeing people wearing your bits around town.

I try to use soft, mostly natural yarn for my projects. This year I began working with Alpaca yarn to make my hoods and balaclavas and it’s been so beautiful to work with. I tried to include neutrals with a mix of bright colours and the occasional mis match of the two.

My work is inspired by a number of things. I love nature and being outdoors and I often find the best colour combos in different flowers, plants and trees I’ve seen. I find a lot of inspiration from other creatives and things I see on instagram. Even flicking through books and magazines have been a massive inspiration.
My friends play a huge part in my creative process and I love it when they send me ideas and colour combos that perhaps I hadn’t thought of. Sometimes I just go with it and think “this colour combo reminds me of this friend or this colour combo reminds me of that friend”

I’m currently working on a new collection of BILLYhoods which will be out by the end of the month. I already have so many ideas for after the collection and I’m looking forward to sharing my spring/ summer collection with you!

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