Based in Switzerland

Raphaƫlle, aka EXTASE BRUTE, is a Swiss and Canadian artist based in Switzerland.

As multi-dimensional artist, she specializes in many mediums; drawing, photo-collage, tattooing, animation and poetry, mainly in French, her native language.

She is interested in the physical body and the spiritual emotions. Her work is focused on love and the emotional impact that results from it. She also deals with loss, spleen, loneliness and the birth of love as subjects. She transports her feelings in fairy-like drawings where the senses wander in floral worlds, filled with plants and positive quotes. The body and its sensual delights are also at the center of her concerns, a topic she treats with tenderness and sweetness. Her art, liberated from constraints, walks freely on paper as much as on the skin through the practice of tattooing, which she treats as a privileged and intimate medium..

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