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Fionn Lucaya

Fionn Lucaya
Based in London

Fionn Lucaya is a Scottish non-binary designer based in London. Their work strives for a world without binary constraints on gender expression, liberating the self and celebrating queerness.
Recently graduating from London College of Fashion BA Womenswear course, they fully emersed themselves in the alchemy of queer world building in a hopes to find alternatives to binary expression. Their garments intend to disrupt social constructs and preconceived conceptions of what masculine and feminine look like and offer an alternative to queer individuals wanting to escape the binaries impact on visual identities.
Their graduate collection directly reflects the shift in the zeitgeist around fluxing gender identities and the strive to lean towards non-human to truly feel free from gender.
Fionn uses their body, movements and magic transfused to showcase the beginning of a reimagined world. Creating their own alchemical formula to design in this imagined world, the designer uses elements of historic binary identity i.e. Doublet, the epitome of masculine dress in the 14th century and warps to mark the death of the old to pave the way for anew.
Post human alchemy for non-binary fashion.
Fionn Lucaya has also dressed artists such as Eartheater, Aziya and Miriam O'Neill.

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