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Haemin Rha

Haemin Rha
Based in London

My name is Haemin Rha and recently graduated University of Westminster BA Fashion Design course.
My graduation LFW collection is about ' Human society which is full of joy from random and unexpected happenings. and its sustainability'. The joy of random, unexpected events and a human-centred universe are main inspirations. Adopting an instinctive and organic approach to creating the pieces, I employ my signature ‘controlled randomness’ which is seasoned with dashes of humour and embraces the ‘weird’. The impact of my work on the environment and society has been a driving force and the intense, complex, hand-crafted textiles are a stand-out feature of this accomplished and covetable collection. Created with minimum planning, and developed spontaneously, My textiles are richly unique with craftsmanship, 3D tactile surfaces that evoke my desired ‘weirdness’ by combining the new with the old.
I am building up my own brand, anarchy333 and looking forward to working and collaborating with various different platforms and artists.

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