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Based in London

Hairy Mary is a London-based, independent fashion brand founded by designer, Rosie Barton. Every piece is designed and handmade by her and draws inspiration from post-punk vibez and her own Celtic heritage. The pieces are funky, folky and fruitcakily mishmash in their one-of-a-kind nostalgic glory.

As we all know, no one wants the dolphins to die, least of all Hairy Mezza, so she uses only vintage textiles like embroidered tablecloths, second-hand kilts, dead-stock / factory offcuts, 70s tea towels, chimneysweeps rags and Helena Bonham-Carters discarded petticoats to make up her wicked (if she does say so herself) garbs.

Five percent of all profits are donated to The Maggie’s Centre (a cancer support charity) in memory of Hairy’s Mother, who taught her all she knows about sewing and boobs (OMG BOOBS?!?),are hand-embroidered on each piece to reflect this commemoration and donation.

Hairy's other hobbies include stalking David Beckham, AA meetings and writing about herself in the third person.

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