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Jill She

Jill She
Based in Antwerp

My name is Jill She, I am 28 years old from China. I am a master student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and I finished my bachelor studies at Antwerp last year.The collection I gonna show is my graduation collection,
My inspiration for this collection came from reading a science fiction "Three-Body Problem" from China, and from some of its descriptions of the universe and future space, I got more thinking of time.Humanity emerges from chaos and civilization returns to its origins from the beginning of religion. Birth, growth and return, the civilization of the century wakes up with the restart of time. The time in the past has long been inspired by the future, so I took this as inspiration, cut and enlarged the lines of the past classical clothing with a more futuristic sense, and completed this collection with my imagination of the universe.
This collection is exploring the diversity of clothing silhouettes. The fusion of traditional silhouettes to futuristic shape and materials is the direction I have been working on. I hope that my design presented to people can not only see the past but also look to the future, mixing human civilization together.At the same time, I believe that beautiful things will be persuasive enough to tell their own stories.
I'm working on my Master graduation collection in Antwerp which will be published in June

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