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Jingyi Cao

Jingyi Cao
Based in London

Sometimes we need a "shell" to wrap up and protect ourselves; in this process, we can get self-healing. In life, emotions will affect our attitude to things. Even the optimists will certainly experience inexplicable depression.
In this intricate world, we go through seemingly different but repetitive days, and sometimes it's as if we have constant noise in our heads, and sometimes we want to be happy and get up and do something random. Nevertheless, our bodies are in a perpetual state of exhaustion, and our spirits are in a perpetual state of shutdown.
Depression was something braided so deep into us that there was no separating it from our character and personality.
I want to protect the soft emotions with a hard shell, so I combined materials with different hardness and textures. I used PVC to create an emotional shell while using knitting to express the complex thoughts of depression.
The knitted piping on the garment is a way for people to find an outlet for their emotions to heal.
Through this work, I hope to empathize with people who suffer from depression and bring them some comfort.

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