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Josephine Bloom

Josephine Bloom
Based in London

Josephine Bloom is a sustainable fashion designer from Sweden, based in London.
Focusing on physical forms of social acceptance, Josephine plays with ideals of norms, social values and expectations commonly applied to women in the West, while also questioning the viewers' tolerance and acceptance of having these values turned and twisted.

Working with a range of different materials, from repurposing and up-cycling waste and deadstock materials, she develops methods and approaches to print design, textiles, and moulding techniques. Josephine’s designs can be described as a vibrant, bulky, glam-grotesque mishmash.

The collection How Cheap Can You Get? explores how society values the characteristics of women, and how doing “too much” or “too little” affects this assigned value. It plays with these contracted values and assigned identities; what is real, what is considered fake, and when does it become too much? Does a human’s value have an expiration date? It is looking at unruly behavior and fake displays, subversion of social codes, how a value gets attached to someone, and how it changes.

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