Kamila Banks

Kamila Banks
Based in London

London based photographer

Kamila is one of the leading photographers at the moment coming from the republic of Dagestan observing and capturing the contemporary paradigm of the region in its redefinitions and powerful cultural influences and shifts. Thanks to her British education, she masterfully takes an exploratory approach to her work. Her lens captures the people, the look of the cities, the Soviet legacy preserved in places, and the extraordinary landscape of the entire Republic. Her work is both nostalgic and ironic, while maintaining absolute sincerity and the importance of the elusive moment.

At the moment the main focus of Kamila“s photography is concentrated on portraits. The artist”s goal is to redefine the understanding of the classical portrait with an attempt to reveal the non-obvious psychology of the protagonist. The subject of a portrait can be either a person or an architectural structure — as the pinnacle of a human statement.

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