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Lillian Klark

Lillian Klark

Lillian Klark is a designer brand putting sustainability at the for front of their designs, creating innovative garments and collaborating with brands to meet this goal. Inspired by Y2K aesthetic and sportswear attire, her aim of the brand is to bring a new face and stigma to sustainable fashion. Lillian Klark launched her innovative brand this season, following graduation from her undergraduate degree at Ravensbourne University showcased at London Fashion Week.

The debut collection "I Can't ski" played with two worlds of 2004 club-world and skiing. Partnering with "Salomon". Lillian created a sustainable collection, recycling ski goggles, google strapping and ski wear to create a party wear collection filled with mini skirts, body mould and chains

Growing up in a sheltered and industrial community, Lillian Finds inspiration from her up-bringing. Either from her family of 10 siblings from her sisters clubbing to her construction family business in how to construct with moulds and chains. Finding comfort in sportswear was a trade mark of fashion from her council estate in her childhood.

Still working closely with Salomon and other collaborations to find new ways of sustainability and creating a better impact in the fashion industry.

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