Momoè Sadamatsu

Momoè Sadamatsu
Based in USA. New York.

Momoè Sadamatsu is a New York-based stylist whose work centers on authenticity, connection, creativity, uniqueness, and unconventionality.

She was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where her parents immigrated to from Japan. Her cross-cultural experience continues to shape her multifaceted identity.

For Momoè, styling is a vessel for self-expression and self-love. She is driven to create looks that are visceral in its nature while pushing the boundaries in fashion. Contributing ideas and collaborating with others so that a concept, character or client’s vision comes to life is what uplifts her.

She identifies Aleali May, Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, Joe McKenna, Mel Ottenberg and Robbie Spencer as some of her influences.

While Momoè continues to challenge herself and authentically showcase her work as a queer Asian woman, she is determined to be a catalyst for change towards a fairer and more inclusive industry by supporting emerging talent and advocating social justice and sustainability.

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