Roxy Hervé

Roxy Hervé
Based in Paris

Roxy Hervé is a French fine art and editorial photographer currently base in Paris. She started exploring photography in a warehouse in North London a few years after she graduated from Central Saint Martins, where she studied Fine Arts. She explores the human form and its environment, usually using the body as a shape (or form)rather than a gendered object.

By playing with nature and colours, she tries to recreate the surreal touch that is sometimes right in front of you when you open your eyes. She finds that most of the time, there is this feeling of unity that emerges from this game she plays with people and her lens. Unity between two bodies, or unity between an object and a body. She doesn’t only work with professional models. This kind of approach brings her photos closer to the most beautiful and natural aspects of reality. With objects, plants, colours and body shapes, she tries to deform and twist things as much as possible to make the human shape disappear and appear again. It all comes down to this: making the surreal look natural, and making the natural look surreal.

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