Ruth Batham

Ruth Batham
Based in Stroud and London, UK

Ruth Batham is a painter living and working between Stroud and London. She originally studied human sciences at UCL, which informs her practice. Ruth has been painting for the last 5 years, completing the Offsite Studio Programme at Turps Banana in 2019.
The inspiration and concepts behind her work are, in essence - people. As a socially minded artist, her concerns centre around exploring boundaries between people. During lockdown, her focus was on crowds and collective energy. Since the birth of her daughter in 2020, her focus has shifted to how becoming a mother creates new relationships with the self; the child and with motherhood.
She belongs to Spilt Milk CIC and last year she was selected for I Felt That - a group project focused on the gender pain gap. Recent group shows include: Stretch at Somers Gallery and Goddesses at Terrace Gallery.

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