Fashion Designers

Shelley Milla

Shelley Milla
Based in London

“I am a printed textile design graduate who is originally from Wales but now lives in London. I recently decided to take the leap and release my own brand- something that I've been wanting to do for years but never found the confidence to do so until now.

My work is very personal to me and I usually find inspiration through my own experiences. I don't really follow trends. One of my designs could be inspired by a sound, a clip from a film or simply just how I'm feeling on that particular day - I find that when I'm feeling good about things my work unintentionally tends to be more vibrant and free. When I'm feeling low I can produce work that's much darker and gritty. Aesthetically I'm influenced by artists that involve human form into their work and who arent afraid to use colour...Claire Barrow, Lea Colombo, Harley Weir.”

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