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Tim Stolte

Tim Stolte
Based in Antwerp

Before I studied in Antwerp I got a technical education in Germany.
Craft is something very important to me!
This collection was inspired by Franz Kafkas novel ‚The Trial‘. I would summarize the collection concept like this: especially in our current political and social climate it is more than ever understandable to feel like one small piece of the puzzle fighting against the big man not knowing what to do and what it is all about in the end. The novel and movie „the trail“ show this struggle and the decay and tension of its protagonist throughout its course. Taking this- the movie and the book, as a base this collection is based upon this idea of tension and conformity, the beauty within this tension and a way out of this feeling of misery, the „big man‘ being represented by 80s inspired tailoring and the individual by abstracted Y2K and mainstream/ tacky references.

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