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Toni Evans

Fashion Designers: Toni Evans
Toni Evans
Based in London

Toni Evans is a Filipino-British independent maker specialising in luxury jewellery design born in Hong Kong and currently based in London, UK.

Toni Evans Jewellery explores the beauty of form and materiality. Finding harmony between opposing and complementary forces from the soft and strong to the human and the otherworldly. An experimental brand with a range of style and wearability for your definition of everyday jewellery. Seeing bodies as mere instruments that have the ability to become the existence of the surreal.

This may become a ‘brand’ one day but as for now it’s a special love letter to craftsmanship in a world of the machine, its my sense of belonging, its an individual exploring self and finding language in material that can’t wait to see you create new languages with my art.

All works are designed and handmade by Toni and all materials sourced locally in support for businesses in London.

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