Exploring the Futuristic World of Gabrielle Rosenstein: A Blend of Sci-Femme Fantasy and Queer Artistry

Opening Image: Gabrielle Rosenstein

Written by Akhnaton Selbonne-Willie

There is an undeniable sleekness to the creations of designer and 3D artist Gabrielle Rosenstein, who is ushering in a new era of sci-femme fantasy and queer artistry. Her work stands out with its hyper-stylised representation of the female form, immersing viewers in a world that combines a cute yet undeniably cool aesthetic, born from the online fashion campaigns of Marc Jacobs’ Heaven and Collina Strada. 

Rosenstein’s talent has earned her widespread acclaim, with features in essential magazines and collaborations with influential celebrities such as Beyoncé, Charli XCX, Black Pink, and digital influencer Lil Miquela. In a time where the digital landscape looms ever closer, with AI and NFTs dominating conversations, Rosenstein offers an exciting and innovative digital approach to world-building that is both sleek and profoundly uplifting. 

The recent launch of her collection, Charm, introduces us to the 3D rendered characters Key and Lil, who serve as the ambassadors for Rosenstein’s creations. In this case, her focus is on vegan bags, key charms, and charm bracelets. Key and Lil embody Rosenstein’s artistic vision of otherworldly sci-femininity, seamlessly blending y2k sensibilities with a futuristic touch that transports us lightyears ahead. Her designs not only embrace unconventional aesthetics but also showcase her whimsical sketches, resulting in “powerful expressions of untethered imagination.” These pieces are not just whimsical; they are wearable, suitable for everyday adventures or making a statement on the red carpet. 

Rosenstein’s work extends beyond fashion, delving into the realms of digital artistry and immersive experiences. Her innovative use of technology allows her to create intricate digital landscapes where her characters come to life. Through her artistic lens, she redefines beauty, challenging societal norms and celebrating the diversity of bodies and identities. Rosenstein’s work is a testament to the power of digital art to transcend boundaries and create inclusive spaces for self-expression.  

In this exploration, Gabrielle’s work becomes deeply intertwined with sexual and gender identity. Through her digital creations, she delves into the intimate process of character creation, building bodies from scratch and infusing them with a sense of queerness. In her Charm bag silhouette, she sees the exploration of a female organism, while her digital textile illustrations incorporate queer gestures that form, twist, and curl, creating a space reminiscent of a personal diary. Rosenstein finds the metaverse to be an invaluable platform for individuals to transcend physical constraints and embrace their identities fully, leading to the ultimate individualisation of queer identity.  

For her, world building is crucial to the queer experience, offering a means to create safe spaces where acceptance may be lacking. During her own adolescence, she turned to building intricate universes as a sanctuary for her mental space, connecting with other LGBTQ+ individuals online and finding solace in shared experiences. This energy of world building and embracing queer identities remains with her today, shaping both her artwork and her life. 

As the digital world continues to evolve, Rosenstein’s artistry stands at the forefront, pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities. Her futuristic vision and commitment to sci-femme and queer artistry offer a refreshing perspective that resonates with a growing audience seeking representation and empowerment. By seamlessly blending elements of fantasy, fashion, and technology, Rosenstein paves the way for a future where creativity knows no limits. 

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