From Italy and Denmark with Love: Two Poems by Niamh Fuller

10th April 2022

Today Sunday is quite literally true. I am soaking in the sun on a chair in the hills in Bologna, Mim is looking over at the beautiful burnt yellow house. The sound of birds and the faint noise of an Italian gathering goes on in the distance. This is the Italy I have imagined. Lazing around like a cat in the sun, thinking of thoughts gone by. The beautiful green trees and a hum of cars going by.

a night cycle back from norrebro to amager

on my bike back,

lights green, red, blue and pink speed by,

my legs move quickly,

I see a couple in the street light,

hands in the small of each other’s backs,

you could feel the warmth radiate off them,

they hold one another close,

a smile between their fingers,

looking up at the midnight sky they talk about the stars and moon,

and I realised in that moment,

I didn’t want to strive for anything more than the contentment and happiness,

Those people felt in that moment,

Walking to their car, house or metro,

That is what I want in life that small joy


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