In Conversation with Chase Tha Worst: London’s Emerging Hip Hop Artist 

Written by Clarabelle Tan

East London-based rapper and producer Chase Tha Worst is a new force on the scene to be reckoned with. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, he’s carved his own distinct aesthetic and sound; an intoxicating blend of hip hop and funk, challenging conventions and offering a fresh perspective. His infectious energy and innovative approach have garnered him a dedicated following and set him apart from his peers. 

Today, he’s exclusively released his debut single as a solo artist Bimbo with Neighbourhood -while hinting at an upcoming mixtape to be released at the end of the year. And with multiple projects and a host of live performances already under his belt, Chase has proven himself to be a multidisciplinary artist of immense creative prowess setting up an exciting year ahead for the self-taught rapper/producer.

This is your debut single… tell us about your pathway to music and how you established your artist identity: Chase Tha Worst?

I started off as a filmmaker -directing and editing music videos for others. Then one day decided “fuck it I wanna do music.” I joined a collective called Cosmic Arcade and learnt so much through making music and performing with my friends. Fast forward five years later, here I am taking a step away from the collective for a bit as I want to focus on my solo sound. 

Tell us about ‘Bimbo’. Is the song inspired from your past/current relationships?

This song sets the tone for me as an artist. It’s intentional, loose, with colourful beats. I also enjoy involving a bit of satire in my craft; this one looks at society’s unrealistic beauty standards and an obsession with perfection -the perfect girl. 

What was the creative process behind making ‘Bimbo’ like?  

Sonically, I just wanted to make something super simple beat and lyric wise. I used to cram a lot of words into my lyrics, this was one of the first songs where I said to myself: “Let’s strip everything back, say less but make every word count.” The same goes for the beat. I wanted everything to be very intentional. This mentality stuck with me since then, and I use it for all my music

Visually, I wanted to tell the story of a sickly obsession with unrealistic perfection and beauty standards. I thought: what if you were able to summon your perfect girl from just a phone call? What would that look like? In the video I also feature a character where this was more on the nose. He’s a dude obsessed with models with  perfect bodies. His beauty standard is so unattainable that his lover is a plastic lifeless doll. 

And we hear you also have a mixtape coming out… are you hoping to bring new energy to London’s hip hop scene?

I’m hoping to bring creativity and fun to the London hip hop scene, both sonically and visually. I want to show more craftsmanship in producing hip hop. You know, like less just making a beat and rapping over it but more moulding and shaping every element of this track to fit the artist and the story being told; a real back and forth between vocal and instrumental elements.

Lastly, what does the future hold for Chase Tha Worst?

More music, more stories.

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