Independent Colombian Brand, Lakras, Just Dropped Their New Collection

Lakras, the independent Colombian fashion brand based between NYC and the UK, is breaking barriers and captivating global audiences with its latest collection. By acquiring the full collection through Lakras’ new website,, customers not only immerse themselves in a world of magic but also directly support independent Latin American artists.

In a proud display of Colombian design and artistry, Lakras drew inspiration from the mysticism of tarot cards and medieval art, with each look coming with a spiritual phrase to deliver a deeper insight. 

Lakras is seamlessly blending fashion, art, and symbolism, transporting wearers into a realm where magic, spirituality, and empowerment reign supreme. By appropriating and defacing books that once chronicled the haunting history of witch hunts, Lakras sends a strong message of reclamation and embraces the indomitable strength of women. Quotes from esteemed figures like Ursula K. Le Guin and the feminist art collective W.IT.CH from the 60s add further depth to the collection, weaving a tapestry of inspiration.

What sets this collection apart is the casting of models who were not conventional runway models but rather individuals Alek, the founder of Lakras, encountered on the streets, resulting in a serendipitous gathering within the walls of a medieval castle.

Lakras highlights the connection between Colombia and Scotland, not only through the shared historical significance of both countries but also through the utilization of traditional wool production. The craftsmanship of shearing, spinning, and knitting wool has been passed down through generations since medieval times, and Lakras incorporates this ancient practice by using sheep wool sourced from self-managed farms in the Colombian mountains. This fusion of traditional techniques and contemporary design showcases the enduring beauty and cultural exchange between Colombia and Scotland.

Lakras’ captivating new collection is now fully developed in Colombia and launched in the United Kingdom. By purchasing the entire collection through their new website, customers not only gain access to a world of mystical fashion but also directly support independent Latin American artists, empowering them to continue their creative endeavors and make a lasting impact on the industry.

For more information about Lakras and their awe-inspiring collection, please visit their website at

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