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The Creative Database is a free resource for creatives to connect, collaborate and be inspired. We want this resource to be ever growing, so if you are an upcoming creative and are interested in being featured, please fill out the form on this page. We will be in contact if selected.

What we are looking for:

  • Creatives who are approaching their craft in an innovative or interesting way.
  • Creatives who capture and present culture in a storytelling manner.
  • Creatives who are at the early stages of their career and who have a desire to make a living off of their craft.
  • Creatives who are keen to make connections with others, either through inspiration or collaboration.
*PLEASE NOTE* If your application has been successfully submitted, you should receive a confirmation email as well as have a page pop up which says 'Thank you'. If this doesn't happen your application has not gone through.

Please note our 'Artists' page is currently reserved for illustrators, painters, graphic designers, tattoo artists etc.

This information will not be shared with anyone.

Please write a maximum of 150 words about you and your craft. This can include info about your creative education, what inspires you to create, what you focus on predominantly within your craft etc. There are no set rules, just info so other creatives can gauge a better sense of who you are and what your work is about!

Can be Instagram, Website, Google Drive etc. (although please ensure you have enabled sharing with our email so we can see the contents). If chosen, we may use this content to showcase your work across our social media channels.

Location/s you are predominately based, so people know, if they need to collaborate in person, where they can find you. Please add country and city.

Anything extra you may want us to include including links to Instagram's or Portfolio's not previously submitted

Adding search terms to your listing is a great way to make yourself more discoverable. Any words listed in your creative bio will already be included. For example, if you are a photographer who uses film but you haven't mentioned this in your creative bio, your tags would be: film, film photography, film photographer.

Please submit three clear images of your work that you would like to go on your Creative Database profile. This work should be specific to the page you are applying to be on. For example, if you are a model and photographer but are applying to be on the 'Photographers' page, please only upload images you specifically photographed, as opposed to featured in. Please DO NOT upload images from shoots/projects you assisted on. We only wish to feature work that was creatively formulated by you. Thank you.

Please upload an image

Please upload an image

Please upload an image

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