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KnitCheck is a small knitwear label based in London and founded by Lottie Drury. Having started out as a hand knitting project during lockdown, KnitCheck evolved into a self taught knitting machine business.

The knitted pieces evoke the organic textures, colours & patterns of natures details, from fungi and lichen, to ... Read More

Sara Ward

Working with analogue photography I create visuals that capture the aloofness of youth in a fragile yet enigmatic manner.

Often using composition as a powerful tool to convey emotive responses within my imagery.

Momoè Sadamatsu

Born in Sydney, Australia to Japanese parents, Momoè Sadamatsu is a fashion stylist who currently works and resides in New York City.

Styling has allowed Momoè to amplify her voice and express herself in unconventional ways. She draws inspiration from her own cross-cultural and lived experiences, as well as from ... Read More

Alex Murphy

Alex Murphy is a photographer from Croydon - South London, living in Bristol who's work predominantly documents the queer community. With a love for shooting film and capturing people's essence in their portrait - their style, confidence, attitude, piercing eyes, the tattoos through the mesh of their shirt and the outfit ... Read More

Kun Liu

Kun Liu's artistic practice primarily focuses on challenging societal norms, redefining the meanings of familiar objects in his surroundings, and uncovering their latent desires and potentialities. The deconstruction of original meanings and exploration of potential desires of objects are at the core of Kun’s work. Starting with random arrangements in still-life ... Read More

Luis Carmo

A Portuguese visual artist from the Algarve, Luis Carmo instinctively fell in love with photography. From his childhood spent contemplating the maritime landscapes of Tavira - his hometown - to dissecting the movements of nature and the body language of passers-by, he finally found in the medium the art of freezing ... Read More

María del Rosario Torrijos Fuertes

Hi! My name is Maria del Rosario but everybody calls me Rosi 🙂
I'm a photographer from Argentina currently based in Spain. I consider myself as a portrait and fashion photographer. Where I find more inspiration is in old western movies and also my favorite bands such as Depeche Mode ... Read More

Nana Kwadwo Tk

Nana Kwadwo Tk aka Nk is a young afrocentric and Afrofuturism digital artist and designer from Ghana, Accra. His work is mainly centered around the expression of development in the Black experience and empowering the Black Culture. Nk’s art aims to change the narrative and how Africa and our creative scene ... Read More

Erin Hitchcock

I am a visual artist who delves into the realms of photography, art direction, and movement direction, utilizing various mediums such as fashion videos and imagery. Through my work, I explore themes centered around emotions and storytelling through performance and movement. I delve into the essence of meaning by examining aesthetic ... Read More

Novo James

Fascinated by the universal pretentiousness that spans across the creative industries, I usually approach my work with an air of youthful insouciance. Usually stemming from darker themes yet satirical by nature, there’s an unwavering awareness that at the end of the day it’s just an image. With perception and the conveyance ... Read More

Céleste André

Céleste André is a Paris based stylist. Inspired by subcultures, her style is about layering and constructing silhouettes. Interested in artistic direction in general, she is used to do the casting for her editorials and directs the creative part of her shootings.

Chantelle Oliver

Chantelle Oliver(UK) is primarily a digital illustrator, but an artist across various mediums. Her inspiration stems from exposure to art, fashion and youth culture in the streets of Bristol. Influenced by the world around her, the movement of the physical body and the ways in which people choose to decorate themselves ... Read More

Elisa Serra Pompei

Elisa Serra Pompei is a fashion stylist currently based in Barcelona and New York City. Born in Barcelona but with Brazilian roots, her upbringing filled with music, art and beautiful architecture and landscapes is where she draws her inspiration from. With a passion for the fine arts, color palettes are the ... Read More


Lakras mixes fashion & art and is a laboratory of modified garments, objects, and drawings. Lakras incorporates aspects from the spirit of archaic futurism to the liberation of absurd forces of corporeality and amulets.

Andrea Brandt

My name is Andrea. I'm a photographer. With my photography I portray the youth in a way that is deeply inspired by the light and darkness founded in fairytales.

Viliana Korueva

I’m a sustainability focused designer. I use all sorts of second hand fabrics such as curtains or dead stock materials, aiming to reincarnate them into art.
There are a lot of factors of inspiration for my work. Each collection I create can be completely different to the other as I ... Read More


'oren' has become a self-taught product of my need to translate internal creativity into physicality. The human form is the focal point of my design process, where my designs embody ethereality and the organic flow states of the natural world. I often also embed hard metals into soft fabrics to reflect ... Read More

Santino Lamorte

My name is Santino. I'm a photographer / filmmaker. I aim to create meaningful pieces that capture the essence of a moment and tell a story. My background in Buenos Aires and my current home in Spain have definitely shaped my aesthetic and informed my artistic vision.

George Aslanidis

George Aslanidis is a Fashion Photographer ,Director and Creative Director based in London, working internationally.

Originally from Greece where he started out by learning about photography in 2010 and has been working professionally for more than a decade.

His aesthetic derives from culture, fashion and football and that is ... Read More

Erin Strange

I'm a fashion designer and artist from Manchester, currently living in London. Creatively I'm driven by my Britishness, I find something about being mixed race and northern ties me to this island instinctively.
My experiences with party scenes (bassline/niche/dub) influence all my work and this is often combined with my ... Read More

Issy Williams

Jewellery that combines the sophistication of crystals with a glam rock aesthetic. Conceived in 2020 by Issy Williams, a jewellery designer and artist based in London. Issy takes inspiration from her family's history of jewellery making. KISSESX offers a range of pieces as well as a custom design service. ... Read More

Ryo Onishi

Ryo Onishi is a Japanese fashion designer, studied at Osaka Institute of Fashion (OIF) in Japan. She established her brand Ryo Onishi and created own collections while she was in school.
The concept of her brand is surreal romantic meaning her style is sweet and yet has her sense of ... Read More

Nadia Roberts

Hello, I'm Nadia, a womenswear designer based in London. My designs are a reflection of my deep admiration for Black culture, blending it seamlessly with a futuristic aesthetic. I find inspiration in the rich tapestry of Black cultural references, allowing me to create designs that are bold, empowering, and avant-garde.

Experimentation ... Read More


Hello! My name is Ane, im a spanish fashion designer, since I was little my mum has been inside the fashion industry and teach me a lot of things, thats where it all started for me. My dream has always been to create things i’d love to have in my wardrove ... Read More

Niko Mrtj

Niko is a London based photographer, working with film and natural light in pursuit of simplicity and sensuality,

Niamh Foster

NIAMHEMILYFOSTER is a slow fashion brand focusing on the concept of wearable art. No two pieces of hers are the same and all are hand crafted in her west London studio. NIAMHEMILYFOSTER explores all types of wearable knitwear, from balaclavas, tops, dresses, skirts, trousers and most recently a shoe which Swiss ... Read More

Sophie Powles

Sophie is a London based stylist whose style is influenced by past, present + future ~ beyond trends. Mixing vintage and new whilst having a playful approach to expression through clothes and accessories is visible throughout her work.

Aloïse Mahé-Stephenson

Therapeutic Fashion. As a therapeutic fashion concept, ÄM-s is a modern fairy-tale creating a new reality of inner feelings, offering unique and organic designs inspired by the self-reflection and work of the designer.

ÄM-S is a shared story, a safe space of creation promoting self-love and inclusivity. The creation process encourages ... Read More

Catcat Chang

Catcat is a fashion stylist and creative director from China, graduated from CSM and now based in London.
She believes that fashion styling can also evoke empathy, she draws inspiration from daily life and inner feelings, infusing images with captivating narratives.
Catcat's work is characterized by a unique blend ... Read More

By Dais

By Dais is a UK based, slow fashion brand that focuses on creating sustainable one off pieces by hand, using knit and crochet.

The brand, along with all the pieces are created by Daisy Hewett. After studying art, fashion and photography throughout her education and graduating falmouth university in 2019, she ... Read More

Julius Rueckert

Julius Rueckert is a stylist, visual artist and creative consultant based in Berlin, Germany. In 2021, Rueckert opened a group exhibition called Franconia Dreams at Kornhäuschen in his hometown of Aschaffenburg, Germany, where he thematized his second Corona youth through spontaneous works with artist friends. After studying fashion journalism, Rueckert focused ... Read More

Arora Georgia

I am a self taught knitwear designer from London. Growing up being inspired by craft, and receiving my first sewing machine at the age of 10 by mother, gave me the realisation in the power of creativity , Currently in my first year, studying fashion design at central saint martins. My ... Read More

Kira Celine

I am a London based, Australian
Photographer, Videographer and
Art Director. Specialising in both Film and Digital mediums, I love to focus on storytelling and cultivating a strong mood in my shoots!

Betty Oxlade-Martin

Betty Oxlade-Martin (b. 1996, ) is a portrait and fashion photographer based in London. Her work can be distinguished by its sensitive, feminine approach, exposed through natural yet contrasting light and rich, raw colours. Working with traditional medium format film techniques, she enjoys capturing lighthearted, tender moments that illustrate womanhood, identity, and ... Read More

Kezia Dubens and Hannah Mills

We both studied at Parsons in NYC (that is where we met) and were very lucky to study abroad in both Paris and London during our university stint. Our craft is predominantly corsetry, but honestly, we are inspired by everything and want to try anything. Almost all of our fabrics and ... Read More

Fionn Lucaya

Fionn Lucaya is a Scottish non-binary designer based in London. Their work strives for a world without binary constraints on gender expression, liberating the self and celebrating queerness.
Recently graduating from London College of Fashion BA Womenswear course, they fully emersed themselves in the alchemy of queer world building in ... Read More

Lady Sold Out

Lady Sold Out is a French tattoo artist, designer, and illustrator. Describing her work as phantasmagoric, Sold Out explores the themes of the imaginary and dreams. This results in drawings of iconic figures, smoking characters, vegetables, animals in the most unpredictable colours, lines and curves.

Constantly looking to improve, she ... Read More

Isabelle Pennington-Edmead

. Cliché as it sounds I always knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. . I then gained a scholarship with alexander McQueen foundation and went to nottingham Trent to study fashion design. After that I went on to focus more on my fabric and print interests studying textiles for ... Read More

Leo Suhm

“I‘m 20, from the south of Germany and right now I’m working as an assistant to the fashion photographer Stefan Armbruster. I had my first exhibition last year in my hometown Offenburg ( known for Burda). Furthermore I’m planning to be more serious about my art. My next project will be ... Read More

Samuel Edwards

I utilise light and colour grading to create stand alone imagery that is loud colourful and signature to me. I loves specifically creating concepts that are ethereal and spiritual in fashion styling and photography. I enjoy working with other creative minds and bringing out the best in each other, in this ... Read More

Blue Kizozo

My name is Blue I am an anti culture photographer, experiencing the underground ecosystem through my lens. I believe that expression is the best form of rebellion and that's what I want my work to show.

Roxy Hervé

Roxy Hervé is a French fine art and editorial photographer currently base in Paris. She started exploring photography in a warehouse in North London a few years after she graduated from Central Saint Martins, where she studied Fine Arts. She explores the human form and its environment, usually using the body ... Read More

Cate Sarci

I work as a multidisciplinary artist, doing creative direction, design and millinery for my creative studio, Cate Sarci. I’m currently studying Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins and enjoy creating strong narratives for my projects mostly influenced by hidden stories, fairy tales, history of art, spirituality and psychology.

I ... Read More

Becca Boyce

Becca Boyce is an Irish-born, London-based stylist and creative director. Becca has a flare for surreal and eccentric styling and enjoys the unconventional. Specialising in editorial styling with a genderfluid approach.


TULASI is a contemporary, womenswear label founded by Tulasi Parmar. Her work incorporates her eye for proportions and immaculate design details that accentuate the female form. Her incredible knowledge of cutting influenced by her play and use of masculine elements allows her to pave an extraordinary legacy in the design world. ... Read More

Rosie Browne

*Graduate BA Hons in Fashion Image Making and Styling.

For me my work stems from life experiences, as a plus size woman in the fashion industry it was important to be broad with my casting, creating a safe environment for others in my community to feel seen or heard, being ... Read More

Kingdom Hudson

Nottingham | London | Manchester

Acid Topser

Acid Topser is an artist from Zhodino, Belarus. As a multidisciplinary storyteller he uses a wide range of tools, crossing analog and digital processing approaches. Starting with graffiti in high school, he kept discovering new ways to express himself. From sewing and customizing clothes to working on short films and colorful ... Read More

Ruth Batham

Ruth Batham is a painter living and working between Stroud and London. She originally studied human sciences at UCL, which informs her practice. Ruth has been painting for the last 5 years, completing the Offsite Studio Programme at Turps Banana in 2019.
The inspiration and concepts behind her work are, ... Read More

Xenia Chetrar

Xenia Chetrar is a Moldovan photographer currently based in London, UK. When she was 15, she picked up her first analog camera and fell in love with film photography. She does not limit herself with any specific area of photography yet is strongly interested in the analog process and medium format. ... Read More


Samira Fatíma Seini, is a Conceptual Artist and Independent Designer from Berlin. She has Polish Nigerien Russian Roots and grew up in a catholic-muslim household.
Her work mirrors the reality of the life of a women within society. Often unveiling the harsh reality of a womens day to day life. ... Read More

Maya Ashton

Based in Manchester, Maya Ashton is a fashion photographer, working predominantly in medium format. Her fashion imagery stripped back, and moody, yet cinematic in location and she most loves to produce and shoot editorials. She is currently open to commissions and collaborations.

Amani Nyamunongo

My name is Amani Nyamunongo aka StellarMani, a visual artist and graphic designer from Paris, France.
My art is abstract and has been recognised for its otherworldly, stellar feel and strong unique use of colours. My work is a way for me to express myself, every pieces represent a part ... Read More

Rachel Parisa

Rachel Parisa is a fashion stylist and consultant based in London. Predominantly focusing on womenswear, Rachel has worked alongside several publications including; Azeema Magazine and Gauchoworld Magazine. She has also worked as part of the fashion team for Mission Statement Magazine.

Rachel's style reflects self expression and fantasy, with influences ... Read More

Zsofi Szabo

The person behind the brand 'zofi' is Zsofi Szabo, 20-year-old design student from Budapest, Hungary, living in Paris. Often sad, rarely loud around people, always passionate about what she is doing.

” My motivations to create my own brand are coming from my personal experiences and struggles I am living ... Read More


Fashion is the simplest way to express yourself at your best without salivating - a beautiful outfit contributes to a great, confident whole.
"Fashion is always been my defense mechanism, you could beat me, but you couldn't beat my out fit." - Rihanna

Victor Chan

Hello my name is Victor, a photographer based in London, originally from Hong Kong. My work combines the themes of intimacy and alienation by presenting human connection with strange and unexpected interactions. I like the chemistry of juxtaposing two opposite themes which creates a sense of mystery and intrigue, it invites ... Read More

Bee Groom

Much of my (mostly film) work is street or portrait photography and revolves around observing and appreciating the beauty and chaos of the people and world around me, in my daily life and travels. I am also interested in using photography to creatively highlight social and environmental issues or stories - ... Read More

Emily White

Canadian born and moved to London, I now freelance full-time as a photographer and image retoucher. I run my own small studio in Barking East London with focus on fashion editorials, lookbooks and retouching, and have 6+ years of industry experience in both image making and production. The other half of ... Read More

Damien Bryant

Damien Bryant is a southern photographer that focuses on capturing warmth and emotion in photographs by relying on the connections he makes with the models he works with. He tends to avoid sticking to one specific style, technique or aesthetic, and chooses to create art based on his and other’s feelings.

Kenny Dossous

My name is Kenny Dossous, I am a 22-year-old freelance stylist from Paris and I recently moved to London to pursue my passion for fashion. I would consider myself someone who has been around the fashion scene since I was young and I have had the opportunity to be featured in ... Read More


Studying Fashion Communication: Fashion History & Theory at Central Saint Martins, I developed both creative and academic skills, delving into the controversies of the fashion world. Working as a stylist and creative director, my core value is to create projects and actively challenge the anxiety created by the consumer market. Living ... Read More

Sydney Pimbley

Sydney Pimbley is a British fashion designer based in London, graduate of Central Saint Martin’s BA Fashion Design with Knitwear and recipient of the LVMH Grand Prix Scholarship.

Sydney’s creations are founded on the principles of sustainability and authenticity. Her work is renowned for its unique quality, creating handmade garments and ... Read More

Scar Kennedy

Scar Kennedy is a knitwear designer based in London. Inspired by sea creatures and the natural world, these handmade pieces are vivid in colour and unusual in texture.

Hedvig Ljungström

Hedvig Ljungström designs could be described as playful and experimental, as she is always eager to investigate and develop new ideas. Historical influences, exaggerated shapes and colors are often featured in her work. Not knowing exactly what the outcome will look like, drives the designers practice and imagination forward.

In her ... Read More


Hairy Mary is a London-based, independent fashion brand founded by designer, Rosie Barton. Every piece is designed and handmade by her and draws inspiration from post-punk vibez and her own Celtic heritage. The pieces are funky, folky and fruitcakily mishmash in their one-of-a-kind nostalgic glory.

As we all know, no one ... Read More

Seraphina Row

London based Fashion stylist - specialised in Editorial, Commercial and Personal styling. Work featured in New York Times and FT How To Spend It.

Ruby Styles

Ruby Styles is a photographer and stylist based in the UK, Her work seeks to capture a romantic yet raw feminine essence with subtle visual nods to Americana kitsch culture.
Ruby takes visual inspiration from cinema and aims to tell stories in her imagery through romanticising mundane activities.

Ash Taylor

Queer creative director specialising in editorial photography and event management with a specific passion for exploring human connection, identity, and fashion, alongside wider social critical thinking of historical queer themes and literature.

Atu Gelovani



Sara Filgueira

Once Lee Alexander McQueen said "what 'normal' people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it", and that has been my creative motto ever since I started working.
My main motivation lies in investigating the limits of fashion in order to go further, challenging what ... Read More

Studio FCLX

Hi I'm Lexi and do Studio FCLX

Studio FCLX is an experimental, gender-fluid latex brand which focuses on functionality, sustainability and pushing the boundaries of latex.

The brand originated in London's rave and queer scene, taking inspiration from friends, artists and performers. We still have close ties to the community and ... Read More

Lauren Thompson

Lauren's photography is influenced by elements of expressionism and surrealism.

The souls captured in her work exist in a world which gives faces to energies and prioritises that which is intangible over physical. By giving biomorphic form to these otherwise invisible elements of the psyche she encourages us to consider the ... Read More

Carla Mossaz

I find most of my inspiration in vintage magazines and people's looks in the street. My work is the combination of thrifted, vintage luxury brands & new designer pieces.

Kate Kidney-Bishop

I am an art director and stylist. I currently freelance under my brand SASHASADIES. I am originally from Sydney, Australia but I have now been living in London for over a decade. I have a BA in Fashion Media Practice and Criticism from the University of Arts London. I have worked ... Read More

Ana Barberá

My name is Ana and I'm a fashion photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. I like to think of photography as a way of telling stories. I mainly shoot in color because I like to use it as a way of making others feel someway you can not transmit just with the ... Read More

Chiara Steemans

Chiara Steemans (she/her/they/them)
creative based in Antwerp, Belgium

Passionated photographer, mainly focussed on fashion editorial and beauty,
here and there a bit of commercial work
Beside photography I do model scouting and digital marketing.

In my free time I like to read, knit, crochet and draw. ... Read More

Cameron Young

London based photographer who’s work explores the gap between the physical and the digital. Heavily inspired by retro-futurism and sci-fi the narrative based photography seeks to capture what it means to live in a post-digital world.

Amichu Studio

Born and raised in Nepal, handmade practices have always been an integral part of my culture and family. My grandma was very skilled, she handmade everything from the eyeliner (gajal in Nepali) to the clothes to the bedding we slept on. I admired her. Hands have always been of keen interest ... Read More

Emily Yelverton

Emily Yelverton is a London-based stylist and model. She began her career whilst studying for a Master’s in literature at Cambridge University, and continues to take inspiration from 1980’s sci-fi camp and cyborg feminism. In her self-styled work, she is drawn to the approach of female archetypes with humour, from awkward ... Read More

Alchemy London

Alchemy London is female-founded and run in the heart of London. Their ethos is to create empowering suits that works with you so you can look and feel your best with no compromise in comfort.
Alchemy designs their suit silhouettes combining soft deadstock fabrics with adjustable features to produce a ... Read More

Madeline Street

I’m madeline Street, a photographer and stylist and curator of the ‘wild woman’. The aim of my work is to encourage women to unleash their wild side, going against every negative stereotype that’s ever been made against women. Femininity being shown in an unhinged and little bit gross way. Just women ... Read More


Dol (b.1993) is a multidisciplinary, self-documentary artist based in London. Their eclectic body of work regularly engages in the self and mental health, often resulting in a manic form of expression containing references from childhood, pop culture, the imagination, & the subconscious.
As a self-taught artist Dol thrives on flexing ... Read More

Rahnee Bliss Lally

I'm a creative director currently based in Sydney . My practice echoes between photography & videography to music and design , though right now I am predominantly specialising in VHS & Film Photography that combines high fashion with graphic punk.. I'm intimate with club culture , and document as thanks to ... Read More

Simran Dhanu

I am a highly skilled and motivated visual artist. I possess a vision that drives me to think creatively and create aesthetic visuals that deliver outstanding results for my clients using my skills. My work has been featured in PhotoVogue and other online magazines. My recent portrait series will be exhibited ... Read More

Callender Studio

I studied English Literature for my undergraduate degree as I had planned on being a writer - I love storytelling. My other love has always been fashion, and whilst studying I started making my own clothes, going on to study a masters in Fashion Enterprise. For my final major project I ... Read More

Ida Langkjær

Ida Langkjær is a Copenhagen based stylist, who's in love with layering and quirky details. Her eye for unconventional pieces and combinations marks the path of her work. Finding inspiration in her everyday life, Ida tries to create unique characters fitting to each project.

Still finding her roots in the ... Read More

Angela Farrell

I am a fashion photographer from the UK. My work has been published online by: Solstice Magazine, Blanc Magazine, 33 Magazine, This Bitch Magazine, The Pink Prince Magazine and Noctis Magazine.

Please take a look around my website to see my previous work and keep your eyes peeled for new ... Read More

Heather Boa

I am a queer stylist, self-taught fashion designer and DJ based in Leeds. Fashion has always been my form self-expression, as a queer creative and music lover, when designing and styling looks I take a lot of inspiration from the vibrant queer nightlife scene. These safe spaces have allowed me to ... Read More

Thea Levine

Thea Levine is a multi media artist based in North London, currently studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Central Saint Martins. Her works focuses on black and white photography, documenting an intimate and vulnerable side to femininity, capturing this through dark silhouettes of the body and the fashion it wears. Her ... Read More

Emily Fry

Visual artist pushing personal development in still and moving image. The content I create follows very considered colour schemes, building up a visual language which represents my overall visions and individual style. Studying at Falmouth University 20/23. Working alongside sustainable practitioners, looking to build better relationships with fashion in society.

Ciaran Stack

I am a fashion photographer currently based in London.. His influences come from the underground music scene, along with the people he surrounds himself with specifically in the queer community. His editing process blends textures, bold colours & streaks of light that bring his vision to life & gives the photo ... Read More

Kinga Klimczak

Intense colors, bold compositions and contrasting combinations of photographs very accurately describe Kinga Klimczak's portfolio. In 2018, she began her studies at the Film School in Łódź. The area of ​​​​her interests consists of fashion photography, animal photography, portraits, as well as artistic photography. She is fond of color and analog ... Read More

Les Punks Déchus

We are Liam and Thibault two 22 years old creatives and photographers from Bordeaux, France. Our camera follows us everywhere and we like to take photos of our everyday life.
Through our work we like to talk about chaos, memories and how every little moment of our life is enjoyable. ... Read More

Calissa Teiniker

Calissa Teiniker is a Berlin based Fashion Designer, originally from New Zealand. Slow fashion is the foundation of the Calissa Teiniker label. Building more sustainable connections in the fabric to fashion pipeline involves conscious developments and production decisions. Calissa Teiniker wishes to build a relationship of trust and transparency between itself ... Read More

Oliver Haus

I am a designer with a multi-disciplinary approach informed by research into material culture and meta-modern philosophy. I have a specialisation in creating custom-made clothing through the use of sophisticated technology and idiosyncratic materials. My areas of interest include fashion, architecture, and cinematography. My experience in engineering and architecture has given ... Read More

Jody Evans

Jody is an artist and photographer living and working in London. They document queer worlds, culture and fashion. They work on both commercial and editorial projects; having worked with I-D and The Face as well as independent designers. They work closely with artists and creatives from the queer community.

Jody hand ... Read More


My name is Isabella and I'm an Irish/Welsh photographer who grew up in Italy, Ireland and The Netherlands. I document my everyday experiences and my travels through my lens. My work consists of a mix of documentary style photography, street photography and portraits. My favourite photos are the ones I don’t ... Read More

Olivia Kurowska

I am a queer fashion and documentary photographer shooting both digital and film. My photography focuses on queer storytelling predominately focusing on identity and the unique relationships we create within our community. Within my fashion work, I explore themes of religious guilt, identity and sexuality. I always aim to create a ... Read More

Erica Collins

I am an Irish knitwear designer now based in London. The textures I create drive my making process - I source a variety of dead stock yarns and charity shop finds to create one off pieces that are rare and can never be replicated. I use a mixture of hand knit ... Read More

Maisie Dickinson

Within my work I love to explore creating narrative and telling stories or concepts through often bold but minimalistic style. I also look at my experience a woman and creative from northern uk with documentary influences, reflecting on mine and others experience of life.

Volha Reutava

Volha Reutava is a Brussels-based stylist working around Belgium and Paris. Volha is originally from Belarus and her work is woven with memories and metaphors that translate to contemporary fashion. Her background shaped her to be more receptive to her surrounding, listen deeply to herself, and prove everything with a story. ... Read More

Carlos Román

Hello! I'm Carlos Román, although I'm also known as Litos. Currently, I'm a fashion design student at the Escuela Superior de Diseño in Madrid, and I'm passionate about creating garments that reflect my worldview and my deepest concepts. Additionally, I have experience in fashion styling, which allows me to have a ... Read More

Jules Bleckman

A practising sculptor and winner of the New Emergence art prize 2022 and The City and Guilds Of London Art School The Board of Trustees Prize. Jules has a passion for accessibility to the art world. Since graduating in 2021 with first-class honours in Fine arts, Jules has pursued a busy ... Read More

Lucia Higuera

Lucia Higuera (Madrid, 1992) is a mixed media artist who works with different mediums applied to photography to create a dialogue between archive and contemporary images. She holds an MA Photography from the University of the West of England (UWE). Her latest project, Todo, explores the memory of Fascism in Spain.

Reade Studios

Hey! I’m Lucy, the girl behind Reade Studios. I started Reade Studios during lockdown whilst in my second year of uni, and have enjoyed every moment since! I am super passionate about sustainability and hand-make the majority of my garms to be made per order using deadstock fabrics, alongside this I ... Read More

Studio Selles

Studio Selles is a sustainable knitwear & accessoires label based in Amsterdam.

We value nature, craftsmanship, durability & transparency.

Sustainability is the core of our brand; every knit is handmade to order on a domestic knitting machine, which encourages us to slow down the fashion system.

Alice Secchi

Started the creative path in painting and visual arts and then moved into communication and graphic design, I finally landed in styling and creative direction to probably stick in it for a while. My work is mainly focused on creating characters and personas through the use of clothes and garments, inspired ... Read More

Jill She

My name is Jill She, I am 28 years old from China. I am a master student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and I finished my bachelor studies at Antwerp last year.The collection I gonna show is my graduation collection,
My inspiration for this collection ... Read More


Film Shooter In Australia / Also Head Of

Solomon Warner

I am a male photographer with autism, based in London. Originating from Northampton, I am currently in my final year of studying Fashion Photography, I have been taking photos for the past 5 years. I focus on visualising deep rooted emotions into everyday life, using locations to access these ideas. My ... Read More

Tara Sammouri

Inspired mostly by life, people and humans interactions, I aim to highlight the beauty of what surronds me, of what I see, and I aim to share my personal perspective of the world with my images. So the image is my media but I like to think images in a larger ... Read More

Noy Munis

Munisa’s works are mainly inspired by surrealism, horror, and fantasy, with a twist of humour.

She creates graphic characters from the imagination as a way to express her trauma experience and to create prints and new shapes. She believes that the inner world of humans is complex of characters that change ... Read More

Will Saunders

Will Saunders is a self-taught London based film photographer and fashion/music journalist. He graduated with a BA in Fashion Journalism at UCA, creating his own magazine (@fluigmgzn) which documented some of his favourite artists and creatives in the UK scene. His work focuses on capturing the underground UK music/fashion scene and ... Read More

Mini Kane

Mini Kane is a stylist who studied at the London College of Fashion and the University of the Creative Arts. Mini predominantly works within womenswear and is the Editor in Chief of Knuckle magazine. Mini's work has been included in publications such as Sicky Mag, Pap and Mob Journal and she ... Read More

Victor Nuñez Sierra

Victor Nuñez is a photographer and creative director based in Barcelona. His work seeks to create a current imaginary that brings freshness, coherence, sensitivity and above all, he looks for fun in each project.

Communicating mainly from fashion, he brings a close and traditional point of view. Inspired by everyday ... Read More

Piper Cashman

Piper Cashman is a freelance fashion stylist and designer based in Los Angeles, California. Her work explores pushing the boundaries of gender norms in fashion. She loves to play with clashing colors, mixing textures and unconventional styles.

Chiara Passos

I grew up in Portugal by the beach, however I live in London now so my visual landscape has significantly changed. I use photography as a way of working and reflecting on themes of fluidity and connection to my different ideas of home and change. Photographing mainly on film, I often ... Read More

Phoebe Nightingale

I'm a fashion and portrait photographer, often shooting on medium format and 35mm, but also enjoy digitally capturing images. Throughout my degree I created many series of images that reflect on my personal experiences and perspectives, but more recently I have thoroughly enjoyed creating work for other creatives - be it ... Read More

Ieva Narvidaite

*graduate from LCF BA (Hons) Fashion Styling & Production 2021
*I am a conceptually driven stylist and creative (art) director heavily influenced by gothic horror and Victorian-era narratives, surrealism themes.
*Through the production of experimental editorials, I strive to reach an audience who are just like me- dreamers, lovers ... Read More

Rossella Damiani

“As a visual artist working with different media and capturing others through a lens, I find it extremely powerful to work with what we already have in front of us. My approach to image-making is heavily influenced by my surroundings and decision-making; my childhood, my present and my future. I approach ... Read More

Lauren Croft

With over two years of experience within fashion styling and art direction, Lauren focuses her styling on contemporary womenswear and menswear. Having recently graduated from London College of Fashion, her background in Visual Merchandising and Branding factors towards a multi-disciplinary approach to creating a strong narrative through her work. Specialising in ... Read More

Becca Harris

I am a British Photographer in my final year of study at Leeds Arts University. My work is focused around fashion and portraiture, and I mainly use analogue film in my photographs. Key themes covered throughout my work include: sustainability, nature and femininity.

Tim Stolte

Before I studied in Antwerp I got a technical education in Germany.
Craft is something very important to me!
This collection was inspired by Franz Kafkas novel ‚The Trial‘. I would summarize the collection concept like this: especially in our current political and social climate it is more than ... Read More

Maria Lysenko

I am a twenty six years old self-taught artist with fashion background based in London.

I make objects including sculptures, furniture, fine art pieces and homeware.

My latest furniture series are reflecting on the experience I had coming out of the depressive episode and the transformations of my appearance I had ... Read More

Aleksa Haluszczak

I am a 22 year old French creative director and photographer who takes photos of the underground youth and the lgbtqia+ community . My pictures talk about queer love, genderqueer people, nonbinary identities, trans identity and more. It shows my vision of how beautiful, limitless and forceful the people of my ... Read More

Antonio Imedio

Antonio Imedio is an 18 year old Colombian contemporary artist that features colorful and otherworldly imagery of everyday life. Their work is based on digital and analog pictures taken in Bogotá Colombia. The paintings are windows made between these images, fragments of photographs; like a door that opens towards another reality, ... Read More


As I am a photographer, I always try to convey my own emotional fragments in the fashion works. In a sense, I hope to become an absolutely free photographer in the name of Heloego.

Ellie Walker

Ellie Walker is a London Based multi-disciplinary creative, working as a Costume Designer and Stylist in film and fashion. her background in immersive theatre gives her strong roots for narrative and play that flow through all her work . She aims to fuse elements creativity, nostalgia and fantasy into to all ... Read More


“My name is Blue and I'm an aspiring photographer and writer. My interest in photography started very early. However, I only started photography when I found my dad's old film camera in his drawer. l like to take portraits and work with marking faces. I never really plan the photographs I ... Read More

Daria Sobolevska

I am a film fashion photographer from Ukraine now based in Paris. I like to find in fashion photography beauty in mystery and unusualness.

Marie Sutter

Marie is a Franco-German photographer and visual artist based in London. Specializing in visual arts, she explores the meaning of identity, the notion of taboos in society, in the digital world and their impact on us. She explores the diversity of the concept of light and colour through technology. Marie develops ... Read More

Sophie Nevedomaya

The goal in my styling is show the emotional personality of the person/character.
I want people feel the story,emotions when look at our work and feel its not just a beautiful picture.

Each work is special, because each one has a completely new story, which I approach with some ... Read More

Rebekah Pavey


Anastasia Mihaiu

I am a photographer from Bucharest, Romania now based in London. My work is focused on understanding and portraying different experiences than my lived-in ones. I choose to focus mainly on portraiture and fashion photography but I also love street photography and behind the scenes experiences.

Matthew Clark

As a published and qualified fashion photographer, I have a passion for capturing stunning images that tell a story and bring concepts to life. I am deeply committed to delivering on the brief for my clients and ensuring that their vision is brought to life.

Matilda Hardwick

I'm a 22 year old graduate stylist and fashion assistant signed to BOSS Creative. I am still finding my feet within the industry but I am committed to creating beautiful work and building my network helped by all the talented creatives I have worked with so far and hope to continue ... Read More

Saskia Kovandzich

I am a self-taught London based photographer. After working in event photography for years, I transitioned into fashion photography working in-house for an established fashion retailer in Australia, When I moved back to the UK I spent time working in-house as a Creative Photographer for END. Clothing. I am now full-time ... Read More

Minnie Hill-Reid

MHRstudio is a knitwear label from London, founded by Minnie Hill-Reid.

Each piece is designed & made by hand in London. A domestic knitting machine is used to knit each unique garment. Due to the use of deadstock yarn each color way and design is a limited edition.

I ... Read More

Oskar Sinicki

I am a studying fashion photographer but I love experimental more than anything. I shoot predominately on film but I am not exclusive to it as I enjoy the whole process of creating and my images usually don't end when I take the photo. Would love to collaborate with people who ... Read More

Hannah Sommer

Hannah Sommer is a photographer and artist based in London, UK and Asheville, NC. She graduated with a BA in Photography as well as an MA in Art and Visual Culture at the University of Westminster. Her work explores documentary and fashion photography, drawing inspiration from the surreal and the occult.

Lunita July Dorn

I paint.
Painting myself,
Painting feelings,
Paint everything, What I can not say.
Painting beautiful things.
Painting bad things.
Paint what I have seen.
Paint what I read.
Paint what is happening.
Like the thoughts,
... Read More

Barcode Banglo

Multidisciplinary artist. Working to break barriers not to build within them.

Katarzyna Dabrowka

Kasia is multidisciplinary artist working across photography and multimedia.
She graduated from Graphic Design , and then worked for many fashion brand and labels doing bits od graphics and photography. Now working in London shooting fashion, still life and music. From May will be working in Tokyo.

Loren Rowe

London based fashion stylist interested in creative editorial and working with artists, I love collaborating with different artists and would love to start working within costume styling and creating characters.

Elisa Remondini

I'm Elisa aka Finestra Gialla. I'm 20 and I'm from Italy. I started shooting five years ago and I never stopped. I love every form of art in general but photography is the only one that helps me bring to life my visions. I shoot Portraits, fashion/editorial and Nude. I love ... Read More

Alona Konovalova

I create "ugly aesthetic" photos for brands. There are no restrictions and limits in my work, I work on the principle of "do it the way no one else would dare to do." Only the most daring and open to new brands work with me.

Margherita Alaimo

Margherita Alaimo is a freelance stylist, art director and casting director based between London, Paris, Milan and Barcelona.

She has experience in editorial print, digital, music, tv, shows, advertising and campaign styling, fashion consulting and personal shopping.

Her work is inspired by all art forms and it is not just fashion ... Read More

Jan-Micheal Stasiuk

After relocating from Canada to London, Jan-Micheal Stasiuk quickly began working with
multinational clients such as High Snobiety, Metal Magazine, Refinery 29 and The New Order.
Since then, Jan’s work has evolved into a multitude of formats, ranging from fashion editorials,
portraiture to documentary and recently fine art, ... Read More

Victoria Lebrun

Victoria Lebrun (1998, France) is currently completing her master degree in Fashion design at the Royal Academy Of Fine Arts of Antwerp.
She studied literature, science and fine arts for two years in Paris before joining the Royal Academy in 2018.
She is orienting her creative design process to ... Read More

Molly Overstall Khan

Styling, Vintage Buying and Photography.

I have developed a love for finding unique pieces from the years spent sourcing for my family's vintage clothing business, and an interest in storytelling throughout my Illustration and Fashion Photography degrees, which together have lead to the creation of characters and experimentation with communication through ... Read More

Karina Perekupka

Kari is a queer multidimensional artist, currently focused on exploring the boundaries that materiality, conceptual weight and fantasy share together.
Constantly manufacturing and aligning new ways of creating, seeing, and experiencing magic, their practice is describable as DIY trashy witchcraft for children. Praising both the human silliness and darkness.
... Read More

Leo Corfu

Leonard Corfu is a 25 year old photographer, who initially started as a film enthusiast.
The desire to expand his artistic view determined Leo to leave Romania, his native country, and undertake a bachelors degree in Media Production at Coventry University. During this time Leo initially saw writing then cinematography ... Read More

Roz Moxon

Roz Moxon is a freelance fashion stylist based in SE London. She has a strong styling identity with her unique blend of both activewear and chicness throughout her work. Roz's sporty fem influence is demonstrated in many of her projects, it deviates and challenges the idea that activewear is not solely ... Read More

Elizabeth Bisuga

Born in Ireland but grown in Manchester and now based in Lambeth,

Elizabeth Ireti Bisuga was inspired to take up photography in part by her grandmother who was a photographer in Nigeria, and also by a want to preserve memories. Story-telling is at the heart of Bisuga’s photography; ‘I’m a ... Read More

Jahnavi Sharma

Jahnavi is both a fashion stylist and visual consultant.

"I have been a creative for almost 4 years between London and Paris. I have been working in multiple areas in fashion such as styling and creative consulting. My main source of inspiration is day-to-day life and human interactions.
There ... Read More

Jorge Arango Kure

Jorge is a Colombian born, London based creative that works in photography and music. He moved to London aged 19. Ten years later he finds himself working in the creative industries after received a T1 Exceptional Talent Visa by the Arts Council England.

Behind his artistic expression there's a recurring ... Read More

Giorgia Macrí

Giorgia is an Italian Fashion Stylist based in Milan.
Graduated at Istituto Marangoni in Fashion Styling and Creative Direction she dedicates her life searching beauty and inspiration.

Kamila Banks

London based photographer

Kamila is one of the leading photographers at the moment coming from the republic of Dagestan observing and capturing the contemporary paradigm of the region in its redefinitions and powerful cultural influences and shifts. Thanks to her British education, she masterfully takes an exploratory approach to her work. ... Read More

Wika Wojcikiewicz

Wika Wojcikiewicz (2001) is a Polish photographer, filmmaker, and art director currently based in South London. A recent graduate with a BA(Hons) in Photography at the University of the Arts London, her work is strongly influenced by Post Soviet culture and its colours, a personal take on candid photography, surrealist art, ... Read More

Radhika Muthanna

Analogue and digital photographer that focuses on identity and portraits. Using my sociological learning to incorporate those themes within my photography

Arthur Finch

Julius Arthur Finck, working under the name of Arthur Finch, is a 22-year-old image maker working in Photography, Video and Installation Art.
Projects of the past were about documenting youth culture, love, sexual identity, the surreal and the experiences he had while living in Israel and Palestine. He mainly works ... Read More

Greta Stepanyan

Greta Stepanyan is a London-based photographer and multidisciplinary creative.
Her work ranges from documentary-style portraiture to commercial and fashion imagery, with a running theme of sincerity and the intention to positively elevate the viewers.

Nelta Kasparian

Nelta Kasparian is a french photographer based between Paris and London.
With an eye for gentle realism she focuses her lens on fashion, live performances and artists.

Patricia Tio Prieto

Patricia To Priet is a Spanish photographer based in London. Within her work, she is focusing on creating an environment that's allowing women to feel in charge of their own minds and body. Patricia's work take a place in the gender debate in our society, where it reflects upon female sexuality ... Read More


DIGITAL_SCUM was born a year and a half ago.
All unisex pieces are screen printed and sewn in a warehouse in North London. All items are one of a kind and made from sustainable fabric and upcycled materials.

The screen print designs are inspired by the mundane aspects of ... Read More

Hayley Jay

Hayley Jay is a documentary and portrait photographer specialising in intimate, ephemeral moments. Her imagery is concerned with youth culture, class and domesticity often capturing other young creatives and underground communities in London and the South East. Her approach to photography is curious and soft, employing an almost nostalgic glimpse into ... Read More

Jingyi Cao

Sometimes we need a "shell" to wrap up and protect ourselves; in this process, we can get self-healing. In life, emotions will affect our attitude to things. Even the optimists will certainly experience inexplicable depression.
In this intricate world, we go through seemingly different but repetitive days, and sometimes it's ... Read More


‘Devoted to spreading love, through my creative expression’ ~ My repurposed knitwear brand is an embodiment of what you can achieve regardless of where you have or haven’t studied, when you find your passion and truly believe in yourself. I believe in bringing together a beautiful community in the hopes to ... Read More


My name is Christian A.K.A Antidote, I am a visual artist/designer currently living in Berlin.

I am a freelance designer and in my practice, I specialise in abstract typography and material creation. I experiment with the themes of deformation and the decomposition of structure and form, creating stills and animations for ... Read More

Emma Blythe

Emma Blythe is an independent designer currently researching menswear through a feminist gaze. Her work is rooted within her own experiences with gender inequality and expression.

Prior to graduating from the Royal College of Art in London, Blythe worked on a body of work titled “Fashioning Acts of Masculinity”, a collection ... Read More

Sasha Pollington

Sasha is a lifestyle, street and fashion photographer from Bristol.
She likes to capture people in their natural environment and celebrates communities and subcultures, often in nightlife.
Working in such a creative city, Sasha finds herself naturally collaborating with other artists, photographing them within their studios or of their ... Read More

Kseniya Dudkina

I call my work an experiment. In each work I try to find something new, to reveal from an unusual side. Show people how to see. In creating a photo, I look for unique angles, something that I myself have not seen yet. Usually vision is born from within. I experiment ... Read More

Asma Hamdi

I am a London based image maker specialising in visual storytelling, currently working as a full time social media and content assistant. The aim of my personal work is to offer social commentary and create visual responses to the challenges in the contemporary world by linking art and politics combined with ... Read More

Georgia Zimmerman

I'm a 20 year old photographer from Portland, Oregon, currently studying at the University of Leeds. Going out and taking photos when I was younger with my friends or my sister was an exciting thing, there was always a lot of joy involved. It was a reason to play dress up ... Read More

Maksim Kupre

Maksim Kupreshchenkov documents in his works rebel and shy characters with a strong teen spirit. Uses escapist, youth, and deliberately freaky vision for delivering that atmosphere in commercial and a documentary works as well.

Arpad Kossar

Photographer based in Bratislava / London.

Niamh Coughlan

I am a women’s fashion design and technology graduate from the London college of fashion. After my graduate collection last year I finally encapsulated what I want my brand to be, which was to be bold, unapologetic and focus on what matters to me most which is the people around me. ... Read More

Gracie Brackstone

I am Manchester based all round creative. I do a lot of freelance styling work, I also do some film photography and digital editorial work from time to time. I am the creative director of , an event based on protesting what is going on in the current climate and ... Read More

Onyinye Muobuike

My name is Onyinye Muobuike aka as Yin.
I am a Portrait and fashion photographer based in east London. My work is centred around portraiture, fashion photography, documentary and explores the themes of culture, identity and experiences.

Amy Lauffer Neff

She grew up on a farm in the south of France.
After studying photography at university she keeps learning and experimenting with light, searching for textures and colours, as she seeks for a pictorial-style studio photography.
Inspired by Nick Knight, Elizaveta Porodina, Javier Vallhonrat, Paolo Roversi, Sarah Moon and ... Read More

Alex Parmenter

In my practice I construct satirical compositions to address concepts
which may be considered taboo or controversial by some, aiming to open
discussion on topics such as sexuality, fetishism and masculinity.

The incorporation of fetish subculture and gay iconography enables me
to personalise my work, reworking my memories ... Read More

Maria Alexandri

Hey guys! I'm Maria, a 24-year-old artist from Greece. I have done fashion and graphic design studies. As an artist I'm inspired by many things. Books are my biggest source of inspiration, they make my imagination work vividly and create magical places!

Archie Fitzgerald

I am a visual artist, illustrator and self taught tattooist currently based in London.

I have spent the last few years living in New Zealand, Berlin and Melbourne and travelled a lot in between these places.

At the moment my work is very inspired by nature, paranormal events, the ... Read More

Marlowe Campbell

Marlowe Campbell, @artmcamp on Instagram, is a multidisciplinary artist and recent animation graduate, based in South London. Predominantly using paint as their medium, they aim to convey personal truths surrounding human form, discomfort, self and real-life events. Heavily inspired by still-life and figurative work such as Denis Sarazhin, Egon Schiele, and ... Read More

Kira Sun McCarthy

Kira McCarthy (b.1998, UK) is a visual artist based in London whose practice utilises painting, photography and film to bring to light the power and potential of feminine relationships. Whether they may be sexual or platonic, exploring how the ubiquitous nature of technology acts to undermine these bonds is evermore important ... Read More

Toni Evans

Toni Evans is a Filipino-British independent maker specialising in luxury jewellery design born in Hong Kong and currently based in London, UK.

Toni Evans Jewellery explores the beauty of form and materiality. Finding harmony between opposing and complementary forces from the soft and strong to the human and the otherworldly. ... Read More


Raphaëlle, aka EXTASE BRUTE, is a Swiss and Canadian artist based in Switzerland.

As multi-dimensional artist, she specializes in many mediums; drawing, photo-collage, tattooing, animation and poetry, mainly in French, her native language.

She is interested in the physical body and the spiritual emotions. Her work is focused on ... Read More

Darcy Sanchez-Mota Joao

I’m a Stylist and Photographer working mainly in fashion editorials alongside studying at UAL. My work bases around the communication of a social narrative, whilst simultaneously combining surrealist imagery to hint towards this larger social message. However, I’m not limited to only this, within my work I enjoy connecting with my ... Read More

Fredi Mecaj

Fredi is a London-based fashion photographer with an experimental approach to contemporary photography.
Using both analog and digital photography his work is characterized by vivid colors, wide-angle shots, and an extensive range of eclectic influences including philosophy, cinematography, the 90s/00s subcultures, and personal life.
In his work, he likes ... Read More

Cristina Fazzi

Fashion and surrealism photographer based in London.

Georgina Robb

Georgina Robb is a fashion photographer, and image retoucher, based in London. Her work centralises around the bodily experience, and exploration of form and movement. She captures how the body interacts with the world around us, celebrating the natural.

Ellen Bright

My name is Ellen Bright and I am currently based in London.
My main interests are creative direction and photography, specifically fashion photography. I love working with texture and colour and being very intuitive when making decisions. The use of mixed media in my work comes from a past love ... Read More

Yeliz Zaifoglu

My work is mainly analogue photography and collages exploring themes of connection and voice through portraiture. However, I am not just limited to this, I just like to have fun creating with people for those ready to listen. Regardless of how I do it, I want to show the beauty of ... Read More

Yue Qing Wei

London-based designer Yue Qing Wei intimately explores the female body through innovative textures and techniques. Wei’s creative approach towards draping and pattern cutting is highly influenced by her experiences as a Chinese-Canadian living in London. The designer is fascinated by the difference between sensible brush strokes of Chinese ink and blocky techniques of western painting. ... Read More

Valeria Shelikhova

My name is Valeria Shelikhova aka shell V.
I am Ukrainian artist based in Berlin.
Actually, I am mixing different art techniques together to create something that is usually going from my inner side.
I just choosen something that suits me more and diving into this indirect monologue ... Read More

Haemin Rha

My name is Haemin Rha and recently graduated University of Westminster BA Fashion Design course.
My graduation LFW collection is about ' Human society which is full of joy from random and unexpected happenings. and its sustainability'. The joy of random, unexpected events and a human-centred universe are main inspirations. ... Read More


Creating sculptural exciting knitwear, playing with colour, texture and having fun with the garments!

Abigail Hodges

I am a Welsh, London based fashion design student who creates digital prints based on eco-anxiety. I create wearable artwork from these prints with sustainable recycled materials. I am now setting up a brand called Fabric Of The Universe based on these pieces. I am trained in screen print and working ... Read More

Milla Giulia Badin

My name is Milla Giulia Badin, I am a French fashion designer now based in east London. I get my inspiration mostly from French monarchy under Louis 16, early XXth century mondaines and the beginning of punk in the 70s.
For my creations I mainly use fabrics and objects that ... Read More


HELIKON XX is an emerging brand producing silk scarves with conscious approach of steps towards sustainability to the fashion industry. Producing capsule collection which last long, points on motto: ‘buy less, style better’, where all pieces are digitally printed in uk with lower environmental effect.

The gender~fluid unique pieces are ... Read More

Eleni Pasatembou

My name is Eleni Pasatembou, I am an artist and fashion designer from Cyprus and based in London. Currently, I am a fashion design and development student at the London College of Fashion. Through my studies, I discovered the beauty of complex shapes in terms of delivering my concept that is ... Read More

Ella Thompson

hey! I’m Ella and I’m a crochet designer living in Brighton.
I learnt how to crochet from a young age in school. I found it to be one of the only things in school that actually came naturally to me and turns out I wasn’t so bad.
I decided ... Read More

Eve Louisa

Eve Louisa is a photographer who explores the mundane & melancholy of people & places within a fashion context.

Daniela Geraci

Daniela Maria Geraci (she/her)
Art director/ producer/ videographer/ soundmaker IRL/URL/AR
Founder of @foldablesounds_collective
Work: @shapeplatform @yspsculpture @palermoartweekend

Izzy Forbes

Izzy Forbes is a multidisciplinary artist, currently studying BA Fashion Photogrpahy at Leeds Arts University. Her work explores themes of collage and mixed medium manipulation, which stem from her passion for fine art. Isabella has recently been exploring the idea of performance art, and uses lens based mediums to document her ... Read More

Freya Wakelin

Freya Wakelin is a fashion photographer and stylist based in Leeds and London currently pursuing her BA Fashion Photography at Leeds Arts University. Her approach to image-making is very bleached-out and digitally-enhanced often using a flash to create this. She is working on gaining a strong visual identity with her styling, ... Read More

Becky Brown

Becky Brown is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. After starting photography at the age of 12, she has gone on to have her works published in over 20 magazines, some including Malvie, Mob Journal, and Gmaro.
She has recently finished education after studying a BTEC Level 3 ... Read More


I taught myself crochet in 2021 to move my restless, compulsive attention away from my phone. It worked slightly too well so I needed to develop an outlet for my fast expanding collection and so started selling as bonchet late 2022.
At uni I studied Neuroscience and still incorporate many ... Read More

Sasha Petersen

I live on a perpetual movie and there is no difference between fiction and reality

Shashank Verma

Shashank Verma is a photographer from Mumbai, India currently pursuing his MA Fashion Photography at University of Arts London. Having worked for fashion magazines, creative agencies, commercial brands, and fellow artists, his creative skillsets have been admired by many in the industry.
Currently, he has been producing fashion and documentary ... Read More

Maria Goundry

My name is Maria Goundry, I am an artist and designer from London. I am currently studying fashion design with print at Central Saint Martins. I am very much a multidisciplinary creative with many interests. I express myself in many forms, from fine art painting, illustration, textiles, to poetry. I’ve done ... Read More

Maisie Shelbourne

Maisie Shelbourne is an image maker, creative director & set designer based between The North and London. Her concept driven practice often explores nostalgia & satire through the construction of spaces; utilising her experience in prop styling, prop building & set design. She works largely on a collaborative basis, having had her set work featured in promotional content for brand ... Read More

Lea Swarovski

My name is Lea, i previously studied Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp and am now studying at Central Saint Martins.
I examine Fashion through a socio-political lense, as for me, Fashion is the embodiment of cultural development.
Themes I mostly work around are female ... Read More

Sabrina Tirvengadum

Sabrina Tirvengadum is a London-based British Mauritian visual artist. Sabrina studied Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster, and for many years she worked as a Graphic designer.

As part of her studio practice, she creates collages, digital illustrations, bold graphics and photography. She is constantly experimenting with new techniques and ... Read More

Josephine Bloom

Josephine Bloom is a sustainable fashion designer from Sweden, based in London.
Focusing on physical forms of social acceptance, Josephine plays with ideals of norms, social values and expectations commonly applied to women in the West, while also questioning the viewers' tolerance and acceptance of having these values turned and ... Read More

Anna Nygard

Anna Nygard is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London. Her approach to image-making combines analogue techniques, soft tones and attention to detail through themes sensitive to sustainability and environmental awareness.

Pablo Cuervo

In my work I’m focused on the person.
I explore emotions and movements
I shoot body practices and mental states changing, the sexuality of the body and its oddities.
My gaze is insatiable and it is doomed to eternal wanderings. I adore the diversity of this world, nature ... Read More

James Miranda

I'm a photographer & graphic designer specialising in Fashion editorials.

I'm entirely self taught, I got into photography through skateboarding as I wanted to capture my friends, this naturally led to me getting into street and fashion photography.

Recently I've been shooting for local artists & brands and I'm always ... Read More

Dominik Kazancev

Portrait & Fashion photographer. My main body of work is shot with Large Format & Medium format film cameras. As I really enjoy the process of traditional colour & black and white darkroom printing.

I enjoy working both in the studio & location as this allows me to create different ... Read More

Yanina Voronova

Artist and photographer. Shoot on mobile phone. I specialize in creative, fun and original concepts. A photo for me is a canvas where I can draw using lighting, the game of contrast and color, clothes and program tools while retouching. I explore tales, legends, astrology, natural, social and physical phenomena.​
... Read More

Molly Maltman

Molly Maltman is an image maker, director and writer based in London.

My work as an image maker and creative director addresses various topics such as the body, environment and voyeur, manifesting in themes that range from the erosion of time to trance music's potential in connecting us with our body's ... Read More

Maria Veridiana Teng

Maria Veridiana Teng is a brazilian fashion designer and film photograph enthusiast based in Paris, whose intentions through creations are to manifest, represent and criticise political and societal boundaries that she has experienced and witnessed throughout her life.
By breaking expected depictions of marginalised classes, erased history and religious portrayal ... Read More

Leena Song

Nature vs/and Artificial
Are we fighting nature or can we truely coexist in earnest? Are we the protector or protected? I explore the contrast and symbiotic relationship with nature expressed in fashion through combining artificial shapes on human body.

Lizzy Marffy

My name is Lizzy and I grew up in Zambia & studied fashion design in South Africa, and just over a year ago moved to London from Athens.
My work is always changing and I like to explore and experiment with new techniques and processes, making statement pieces for the ... Read More

Layla Imani

I’m Layla and I’m a Fashion Contour student at LCF specializing in lingerie design. When creating a design concept, the process from start to finish fascinates me, especially with the intricacy of designing lingerie. There is something so beautiful and delicate about lingerie that often times is overlooked, and being able ... Read More


I am a visual artist who works in image making, styling and performance. Currently in my 3rd year studying fashion photography, A lot of my influences come from performance artists and analogue documentary photographers. I mostly just find people interesting and want to capture them in a way that empowers them.

Iren Teneva

I see the impossible as an provocative challenge and I am passionate about finding new ways of exploring.

In fashion design I am combining identity and imagination of heritage from the present and past perspectives. I have built a strong organisational and time management skills and personal interest in developing a ... Read More

Mona Cordes

Mona Cordes is a German, London based Fashion Print designer. Cordes graduated from her Masters at Kingston School of Art in 2020. Her work embodies the physical expressions of multi-colored kaleidoscopic visions. With the help of statements and boldness through graphics and choice of themes, she is voicing political and ecological ... Read More

Neve Cherry

“I’m a crochet designer with my brand Misscherry002 I work with heavy inspiration of the queer rave scene with expression and authenticity being main themes for my designs. What is important to me is always being honest with myself and this is what I prioritise with my designs, even if they ... Read More

Isis Boundy

“I was born in London from a working class background. For me my photography acts as a route of escapism; living in a city my surroundings can be bleak so I strive to create imagery that is the opposite of that, Producing bright and bold visuals. I am greatly inspired by ... Read More

Janice Quinonez

Janice Quinonez (b.2000) is a visual artist, born and raised in Bolivia, now London-based. Her main interest is people, connecting and observing. Her practice is a constant exploration of identity and representation with a special focus on women through photography and film.

Shakira Zghari Sales

“My name is Shakira and I'm a photographer. I'm 21 and I currently live in East London. I've been doing photography for around eight years but have been doing it freelance for around four years. Photography plays a big role in my life as it keeps me connected to my creativity ... Read More

Mia Evans

“Hi! I’m Mia, a queer and transgender photographer based in London. I mainly focus on queerness, and just presenting the world in the way that I see it.”

Sophie Holden

“My name is Sophie, and I am a 22 year old fashion and portrait photographer. Having grown up within a family of artists and photographers, my work is a mixture of technical and artistic reference-highly stylised and entirely focussed on aesthetic. Having studied art and dance for years, my work is ... Read More

Julia Mazur

“Julia Mazur is a multidisciplinary designer, recent UAL (LCF) graduate in FDT: Womenswear (class of 2022).

With experience across Theatre and Film, as of right now, her practice is mainly focused on performatively translating the abstract symbolism and sacrifice into formalistically ascetic forms, both through unifying movement and body.

Julia’s most ... Read More

Looping Faces

Looping Faces is the weird thought you have in the shower, brought to life with a single hook and an extensive amount of yarn; some gifted, some traded. Exploring the capabilities of crochet, Looping Faces aims to push the dimensional boundaries of crochet and wearable art to its limits, transforming 2D ... Read More


“After graduation from Central Saint Martins in 2020 I have since been working in Fashion, doing styling & social media managing. Whilst doing this I have also launched my own knitwear brand AL AGATO and I am currently in the process of releasing my new collection. I love having a creative ... Read More

Abi Perkins

“My name is Abi, I am a French-Australian fashion documentary photographer. I work with analogue and digital photography and most recently experimental screen printing. My work mainly focuses on London's queer youth and techno underground culture. I love capturing this scene and the experimental and stunning fashion taking place. Apart from ... Read More

Aisyah Rahan

“I’m a visual artist and storyteller born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, currently based in Bristol. My scope of work includes motion graphics or moving image, print and image making, photo and videography, web design and development, and set or art direction. I’m always curious, experimental, and compassionate when exploring methods ... Read More

Saffia Sey

“I'm a self taught graphic designer living in south london but i'm originally from the south west of england. My art is a mixture of physical and digital inspiration, from walls marked with ivy and graffiti, photobooks, film stills, gallery installations and personal photos I use multiple channels of inspiration to ... Read More

Kurt Champion

“My name is Kurt and I am a graphic designer and visual artist based in London. For me, testing and stretching the connection between image, text and object is the place I enjoy the most, whether that is by building physical spaces, or mixing design elements with projections and print, mixed ... Read More

Daniela Noriega

“Hola! I'm Dani, I'm from Spain but currently living in London, and I'm studying Creative Direction for Fashion at LCF. I started in photography when I was 17, and I photographed my friends, family, my city (Madrid) and anything that exited me or inspired me really. When I got more into ... Read More

Lauren Giblin

“My name is Lauren, I am a photographer and creative writer based in Manchester! I recently completed my degree at the University of Sussex for Filmmaking where my love for visual storytelling flourished. I draw my photographic inspiration from the beauty of our natural world, along with themes of self-love and ... Read More

Hui Long

Hui Long graduated from Goldsmiths University in the UK with a degree in photography and is currently based in London. Her work is mostly about exploring women and the self, mostly inspired by her personal experiences growing up, some trauma she suffered as a child is her muse, she always extracts ... Read More

Lara Kuijper

Hi I’m Lara Kuijper. I'm a London-based photographer originally from the south of France.
I am currently training in filmmaking as well as developing my photography skills, mainly in fashion and portraits, but also landscapes/documentaries.
I hand-color my pictures, do collages, video and design. I like to experiment with ... Read More

Mari Bendeliani

“My name is Mari Bendeliani and I'm the owner and designer of fashion label nothing nothing2. I studied at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. I create unique one-off, non-repeatable zero waste garments. My pieces are quite sculptural and voluminous. I personally cut and sew each and every item I make ... Read More

Ramneek Kang

“I am a LCF BA(hons) Fashion Pattern Cutting graduate, my work focuses on the creative processes included in fashion. Looking in more detail at finishes and the construction of garments. My final collection “No, where are you really from?” investigates second generation South Asian identities, balancing culture and nationality.”

Annabel Shortt

“Through my work I aim to reconnect humans to nature to become one body, working with only re purposed and recycled materials. I recently finished my Art Foundation at Central Saint Martins during which I became fascinated by the domestic knit machines which I explored in my Final Major Project which ... Read More

Ella Douglas

According to their website “Ella Douglas is a designer, currently enrolled on the BA Fashion Design & Marketing course at Central Saint Martins. Based in London and Oxford, their designs showcase avant-garde sculptures fused with themes of social commentary and queerness. Douglas plays with the boundary between Art and Fashion , ... Read More

Lucy Osborne

“I am 22, from Manchester and have studied at Manchester Metropolitan University doing BA Fashion Design and Technology. My graduate collection has been inspired by the drag queens that led the Stonewall riots, and celebrates queer identity. The outfits themselves are designed to be worn by drag queens but have been ... Read More

Lara Severa

Lara Severa is a Berlin based designer who originally came from a tailoring background, but learnt how to knit when a company she worked for had their own knitting production. From that moment on, she fell in love with knitting and never wanted to do anything else.

Lara hardly ever does ... Read More

Lillian Klark

Lillian Klark is a designer brand putting sustainability at the for front of their designs, creating innovative garments and collaborating with brands to meet this goal. Inspired by Y2K aesthetic and sportswear attire, her aim of the brand is to bring a new face and stigma to sustainable fashion. Lillian Klark ... Read More

Violet Angelica

Violet Angelica is a sustainable fashion designer who reworks items such as pillowcases to create pieces such as corsets, waistcoats and tote bags. This particular piece is called her ‘Dolly Waistcoat’.

The Dyas

“The Dyás is a slow fashion initiative that collaborates with emerging artists from a variety of disciplines. Serving as a creative community platform, the Dyás combines ethics, sustainability, and creativity through craftsmanship and design to create treasured garments that will last a lifetime. By reducing waste, repurposing goods, and pushing for ... Read More

Nuclear Planet

Nuclear Planet is a brand for everyone who wants to feel like they can express themselves however they want. There are no trends on Nuclear Planet. The only rules are; to encourage everyone to be themselves, be confident and to have fun! Many of their garments are also zero waste - ... Read More

Shelley Milla

“I am a printed textile design graduate who is originally from Wales but now lives in London. I recently decided to take the leap and release my own brand- something that I've been wanting to do for years but never found the confidence to do so until now.

My work is ... Read More


sssilk666 is a sustainable fashion designer who specialises in embroidery, dying and construction from deadstock materials. Her work is often stocked in Bleaq and Atelier100 as well as being used in shoots for the singer, Laurel. You can read more about her work in her interview in Issue 01.

Maria Dumitriu

“I am a fashion designer and DJ but also the creative director and founder of Naughty, is my BA graduate collection that was launched at the UEL -INTERSECTION Fashion Show, on the latest 2022 London Fashion Week schedule. Naughty it's a non-binary fashion brand based in London that looks into ... Read More

Jess Moody

“Just a girl and her camera snapping what I see, never without my trusty 35mm canon sure shot supreme. I love experimenting with different film and capturing people having a good time, either candidly or portraits depending on the moment.”

Skaidre Rudokaite

“I was born in a small town in Lithuania and moved to London in 2016. I studied photography (BA) at Middlesex University London and graduated in 2019. I use photography as an exploration of both my personal experiences and the overall human condition through a philosophical approach. I always looks for ... Read More

Sonia Abbas

Gravitating towards displaying their own lens with the focus directed at South Asian representation, Sonia discusses topics around identity, sexuality and internalised cultural norms through fashion photography. Currently studying at London College of Fashion, Sonia tests her limits within fashion photography and image making. Being an ethnic minority in the creative ... Read More

Ella Costache

“My name is Ella Costache. I am a romanian female artist from Bucharest, just graduated a Masters in Fashion Photography at UAL. My practice spans themes centered around larger notions of identity such as womanhood, cultural backgrounds and bodily depictions, tracing the way these translate into tangible visual outlets. At the ... Read More

Ray Yunis

In Ray’s (they/them) words, “I’m a young black queer photographer based in London and I’m honestly just getting my start and growing in the scene. What my work is and what I want it to be is an escape, a heightened expression of reality and the world little me always created ... Read More

Simran Kaur

Simran is a surrealist still life, creative portrait, fashion photographer and artist based in London. This image is taken from her series, ‘rendezvous’, which portrays the intersection between a person’s past and present. The project was inspired by @sim. rah_ibrahim’s fashion collection, ‘Truth’.


“Film photography from up North. I usually focus on nightlife and capturing people having a good time under the lights.”


“I’m 19 and I am a photographer, creative director and journalist. I've been on the creative scene since I was six, starting with music and branching to more visual arts as I got older. My inspirations are the black, young and queer creatives just like me who are making some really ... Read More

Freya Hoadley

“I'm an aspiring documentary photographer, primarily working with colour film. Inspired by photographers such as William Eggleston and Richard Wentworth, my recent Zine 'Locality' explores the insignificant details about a small town. It's a piece representative of self reflection and perspective as the mundane becomes the beautiful. Analogue has always been ... Read More

Ella Penn

“Hey I’m EP Photography aka Ella and I’m a Vegan Fashion photographer well, getting there anyway! I received my first camera at 16 from a guy at my dad’s church and since then I’ve been non-stop planning shoots and working with creatives. High Fashion inspires me to create new and abstract ... Read More

Zhan Filonov

“In my personal work, I am drawn to timeless elements that imbue the photographs with a sense of nostalgia. I use an analogue medium to aid this process. A sense of narrative is another crucial part of my work. It requires a unique approach for each photographic series and creates something ... Read More

Connor Pope

“Fell in love with photography when I moved to the city and started capturing its people and culture on 35mm. 4 years later and I still enjoy taking street photos every day, with portraiture and brand shoots becoming a focus of my professional work.”

Olive Gilson

“I am a London based Photographer originally from Manchester. My work consists of documentary and abstract style images; capturing the essence of what it means to be young, queer, and alternative to the mainstream. At just 20 years old, I have honed my skills through consistent exploration of the unconventional sides ... Read More

Rebekah Knox

Rebekah Knox is a London based photographer and was one of our original Neighbours, having her work featured in Issue 01. Rebekah has an eye for composition, making her subjects look relaxed and candid, despite posing for the camera.

Oliver Kent-Ledger

Oliver got into photography in collage and got increasingly serious about his craft over the years, moving into shooting film and meeting peers in his field. He is mainly inspired by film. His motivation to take photos comes from wanting to express his creativity and he believes it’s really important to ... Read More

Adrían Sastre Díaz

“It is said that you should photograph not the light, but the subject in what it falls. Although, I love to photograph the light as such. I find it very interesting when you can see the light through the spaces, and it is that effect and that feeling which I try ... Read More

Distorted Digitals

@distorted.digitals is a photographer and graphic designer who, among other things, enjoys documenting daily life in various cities. Their work featured here include images taken in both Bristol and Milan.

“Currently I’m coming to the end of my art/design foundation course moving onto MMU to study graphic design. I started my ... Read More

Tori King-Blake

“Hey, my name is Tori, currently studying in Bristol. I am a lover of film photography with influences from women photographers such as Vivian Maier, Sirkka-Liisa-Konttinen and Nan Goldin. I love analogue photography because of its rich, deep textures and natural colours as well as the slower shooting process leading to ... Read More

Zak Watson

“By using dark, dreamy and surreal imagery, my photography aims at surrounding the viewer within worlds of dissociation, dreams and dystopian landscapes. Mainly photographing at night, I like to capture dramatic shadows, bold stylised colours, soft textures, silhouetting figures and deep contrast within my work.

Mainly working within the music industry ... Read More


H.Feather is a Leeds based photographer with a wide range of interests in their field. Their recent work entitled Salute and Blacid, from which the first image comes, uses socio-documentary photography to highlight themes of community, hedonism, safe spaces and euphoria within the queer community. These images create a narrative that ... Read More

Mathushaa Sagthidas

Mathushaa Sagthidas is a London based freelance photographer, stylist, set designer and art director (studied at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL) with interest in fine art and contemporary fashion (with experience as a photography and production assisting). Mathushaa’s work often examines her identity - Tamil Eelam ethnicity and British nationality, which ... Read More

Hasna Charley Tayyar

Hasna is a British Jamaican/Turkish Cypriot digital and analogue photographer. After graduating with her BA Honours degree in photography in 2019, Hasna began to explore her craft by photographing her own personal projects which primarily focused on documenting moments with her friends and family. It was through this that she realised ... Read More


“I’ve always been a visual learner, observer, and thinker. I’m very attracted to the minute details that make up an image. For me, the magic in photography is the possibility to emote. To create new worlds and drive fantasy. I originally trained to be a professional dancer, so I’ve always been ... Read More

Elizabete Pakule

Elizabete is a creative director, stylist and photographer. In Elizabete’s words, their “work mainly explores people and the nostalgia of existence. I am drawn to unusual or as society would call ugly. As an example, it could be an emotion, outfit or just abnormal features. I find different interesting. My work ... Read More

Nessie Appleton-Smith

The first image is taken from Nessie’s project ‘School’s Out’.

“‘School’s Out’ is inspired by teenage queer self-discovery and the search for community as a teenager in school. Photographed and interviewed at my old school, this series focuses on a group of current students, who generously shared their experiences of ... Read More

Maddie Corleone

“hi, i’m maddie, i’m an event, portraiture and fashion photographer in east london! i’ve been taking pictures for 4 years now starting on 35mm and now specialising in digital and my handy weapon the canon speedlite 😉 i like to capture image, people and energy in different environments and augmented ones ... Read More

Immie Lapsley

Immie is a film photographer who has predominantly been inspired by the modern-day youth culture in her university city of Bristol. She tries to capture unique moments from life with her friends, or at clubs and events. She hopes to document special memories that anyone can recount from their own experience ... Read More

Alexander Hall

Alex is an analogue photographer, and the 1st and 3rd images are taken from his glam-rock inspired photoshoot. Alex often finds inspiration for his work by exploring the relationship between gender and fashion.

Daisy Bligh

“My love of film photography comes from watching old films and has increased over the years during both my Degrees in film. I am a screenwriter first, photographer second, which involves a lot of visualisations onto the page. I find by taking photos helps me with writing the scenes I am ... Read More

Viki Babczyk

Viki is a film photographer and creative director focused on editorial photography. This image is taken from her body of work, ‘The Bored Housewife Series’. This series was the result of a collaboration between Viki and stylist @katieross_xx, who were both inspired by the location which fitted their creative visions.

Benjamin Kettle

“I’ve always had a creative mindset and loved to capture memories, I failed GCSE photography in school but a few years later I was part of a DNB event group who needed a photographer, I had my stepdads canon 450D from when I was in school and startled bringing it to ... Read More

Milly Aburrow

Milly Aburrow fabricates a transformative, encapsulating space, cluttered with materialistic objects and representations of food substances scrutinising the superfluous associations within our everyday sustenance. Within the essay ‘Toward a Psychosociology of Contemporary Food Consumption’ by Roland Barthes he states: ‘When he buys an item of food, consumes it, or serves it, ... Read More

Gianluca Krawinkel

“I am a young, London-based artist from Germany. Having finished my degree in film, my focus currently lies in my art, which is inspired by nature, personal experiences, societal observations, energy and sound. I express myself mainly on canvas, using acrylic and pastel paints, following the flow of my own thoughts. ... Read More

Celina Collot

“I've been navigating narratives for over 10 years. Studying a bachelor in Audiovisual Production in Mexico and complimenting with a video specialisation in Switzerland. I work as a freelance videographer and editor focusing on fashion and contemporary art.”

Robyn Harvie

Robyn is a photography student at Edinburgh Napier. This project, entitled ‘Family Albums’, is inspired by anonymous family albums sold online. She uses her own disposable photos to create a visual of failing and changing memories.

Tilly Clare

This is a still taken from Tilly’s work ‘heart-to-heart’.

“My practice encompasses video, photography, print, painting, and mixed media installation. Focusing on the relationships between popular culture and reality, exploring the subjects of youth, gender, sexuality, intimacy, and nostalgia. My artwork intends to show the realities of what living within ... Read More

Liberty Rose Studio

Liberty Rose is a mixed media artist based in Brighton that creates fashion collage, illustration, styling, photography, animation, and film. Identified as a 'rising artist', Liberty recently exhibited three pieces in the Graduate Showcase at the S&P Gallery in London.

Josie K0

Josie is an artist currently based in Glasgow. Josie’s piece ‘My Ladye with Mekle Lippis’ has been featured on BBC Scotland loop series. Josie describes the significance of this piece by saying “In this piece, I have responded to a poem by Scottish poet William Dunbar titled ‘Of Ane Blak-Moir’ which ... Read More

Sarra Gimalova

“Manipulation of colors with a contrast of black. Texture. Lights. Making a mess look organized. However every spray of paint and every drip has a reason.”

Yimei Zhao

“Hey I’m Yimei, currently studying design for performance in London. I have great passion working in 3d spaces, combining performers, spaces, light and sound together to create different worlds for people. Apart from what I’m studying, I also love hand drawing and illustration, which is a hobby I have kept for ... Read More

Roxi Basa

“So I’m a former photographer, when I discovered 3D, it was a way to go further with my photography with no limitation except my creativity.

I like to believe that my work is like a memory, a dream. It combines link between the real and the imaginary, feminine identity, and a ... Read More

Elysia Dallard

Elysia is a photographer studying fashion, image and styling. Her featured work, ‘Bric-a-Brac Catalogue’ aims to find the beauty in items given away to charity shops. The French term bric-a-brac describes miscellaneous items that have no value, yet are curious, artistic and characterful. Through this work, Elysia mixes her love for ... Read More

Delilah Rose

Delilah is a collage artist and started her page Delilah Rose Digital Collage in the 2020 lockdown. She makes collages digitally and manually. According to Delilah she ‘mostly makes things just for me…it sounds silly but spending the time to completely focus on the creative is amazing, it’s freeing and it’s ... Read More

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